My ears have been itching,seems I have been discussed by various consultants which feels a bit weird.First off they say my test results are a bit on the low side for reduction surgery.I got a letter today from another consultant saying I would be a good candidate for valves,this would be on a research scheme ,just waiting for the ethics panel approval,so I,ve been put on the waiting list.Also got appointment for February today so all is good whoopee!If I can just get over this sore bum I,ve got I will be a happy chappy again.Healthy breathing friends!!! D. :D

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  • " That's wonderful news Farmer. I am so pleased for your good news. so all you got to do now my friend is focus on that there sore "ouch" bum yours, In the meantime you have a lovely, and safe weekend...Megan:)."

  • Thanks Megan,I forgot to mention the nurse referred me for another PR course so should be able to get fit during the winter months after all.If my rear does,nt improve over the weekend I,ll go to docs on Monday.Be well! D.

  • Good luck with whatever they decide and keep us updated.

  • Thankyou Puff,hope you are happy and healthy.Regards D.

  • great news and sit carefully :)

  • Cheers Eyes,gently does it lol. Regards D.

  • Very good news for you farmer and hope everything goes well keep in touch and let's know how you get on

  • Thanks Jimmyg,now I,m in the system I think I can only win,cheers!

  • That's fantastic news, keeping everything crossed for you.

    Kim xx

  • Thankyou Kim,I even have my eyes crossed lol.D.

  • Great news farmer, glad your a happy chappy, hope the pain in your a*s* gets better, I've got one of them, but it's not medical !

  • Great news on the valves!

  • Thanks Offcut.D.

  • Really pleased it is going your way for a change.

    Take care


  • Cheers Ermintrude,it,s good to see a bit of light in the tunnel.D.

  • So pleased for you, Farmer. Good luck with getting fit and strong for the procedure in the new year.

  • Thanks Nan,all the good vibes I,m getting I feel stronger already.D.

  • Thats good for you. I am having a valve fitted 10th December at Addenbrookes but they are only putting 1 in for now and maybe another later on in the year.

  • Good luck Lupie, do let me know how you get on.D.

  • Will do. x

  • Good luck with that Farmer. Got the surgery coming Jan/Feb. Quite why I'm looking forward to them removing 20% of my lungs I don't know.. :)

  • Hi Notlocal,thanks,I think anything pro-active gives us a boost.Once we,re in the system I feel they have to look after us.Wishing you the best of luck for Jan/Feb do let us know how you get on.D.

  • With all that's been promised you, sounds like the job a good plumber would love.

    Come to think of it, probably easier to find a doctor than plumber.

    Sending you a comfy blow up cushion with a hole in the middle.

    Take care

    Dozy :) xxx

  • So true Dozy,I seem to be surrounded by doctors at the moment but can,t find a plumber to refit my bathroom for love nor money,lol.That cushion sounds like a great idea.

  • Good news FarmerD and hope all goes well for you. Rub something on the sore bum and take good care of yourself. The Brompton is a good hospital. xxxx

  • Thank you Sassy,Germoloid seems to ease the pain so not so bad now.Never new they put a cocaine derivative in haemorrhoid cream lol,hope it,s not addictive.

  • Really pleased for you Farmer D what good news to have just before Christmas you have something to celebrate now good luck and I hope all goes well for you take care

  • Thanks Ona,hope you are well and happy too.Regards D.

  • I didn"t really want to know about your bum..........too much information lol but sooooooooo glad to hear things are progressing good luck x

  • I,ll have you know I have a very nice bum,my best feature when it,s working

  • Great news Farmer, things are looking up for you now. xx

  • Thanks Casper,should be hearing about another PR course soon too so all is good,cheers!D.

  • A bit late catching up here but thrilled to bits at your good news. Go easy on the Germoloid or you'll fail to qualify on grounds of addiction. Bums away :)

  • Thanks Argana,no grinding of the teeth yet so I think I,m ok lol.D.

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