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Hi I just got a letter in the post to day called ESA72 did not know wot it was it says I had been put on the support group so I phoned them to ask what it's all about they said I got it now till next November so I don't need to assed now they not told me what I will be getting they said it sould come in anther letter I just wonder if I can get DWA now so feel a bit happier now I will get a bit more then get now hope others get it too

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Hi Lesley 61;; do you mean dla,,,if so it has changed to pip,, and yes you should apply, i did mine through Age uk,, they are a minefield of info, and know the best way of answering the questions,, but please be warned it takes awhile to go through the system,,mine was nearly a year until i got hold of my mp,and he chased it up,,everything was back dated as well,,,good luck and get on that phone in the morning to get the forms chrissie x


Hi this means that you will be getting ESA and you won't have to look for work as you are in the support group.

DLA is now PIP. This is a stand alone benefit and is not part of or connected to ESA. They are totally different benefits. You can claim PIP whatever benefit you are on, if you are not on benefits or if you are working. For full details on PIP go into x


PIP is the next step you now will do a phone interview to go though all your issues etc. and then they will send you a PIP2 form which is unique to you with every page showing your NI and name or at least one of them. Get some good advice from AgeUK or CAB when filling in the form.

Good luck


Well done its so nice to hear that people who need the benefits are getting them we should not have to go through hoops to get them


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