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The weather was good yesterday morning so I got kitted up with me oxy backpack and set off on the river Severn walk once again.

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After all the rain we've had I wasn't surprised to see the river level was much higher than normal and flowing much faster but there was blue sky's above and rain wasn't due for a few hours. There was a lot of people out walking, jogging and cycling even though it was only 9am so I wasn't alone.

The swans were there but having to paddle much harder to stay at the popular feeding area, it was still worth their while though :) . There was a lot to see today so my camera was busy, the cormorants, swans and long tailed tits all star in today's short video clips. Hope you all enjoy them.

Even though the winter weather is here, there are still gaps in the weather where we can get out there and get some exercise if we get kitted up and stay warm. Today was the first day I have worn my snood which is brilliant for keeping the neck area warm and stopping all those unwanted draughts. If you pull it over your nose it helps warm the air that we breath also but I only do that when things get much colder.

If your struggling to get out then these videos will help bring the outdoors to you. (wendells)

Stay warm and keep breathing easy healthunlockeders

Young Tony :)

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I do so envy you dall you can still get up and walk about if I want to go anywhere it is my trusty old scooter such beautiful pictures the river brings back memories to the Ouse and Foss in York when they were in spate.

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Hi ant, the beauty of this particular walk is that its flat and tarmac all the way so I see quite a few mobility scooters on my journey. The one person I see has his terrier on a lead strapped to the scooter. :) .

I know I am lucky though to still have the freedom to get around thanks to my oxygen pack and many NHS workers who got me to and keep me where I am now.

Tony :)

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hi Tony when the weather is with us I love trundling down the coast most of the coast where I am in my part of Southport is now reclaimed by the salt mashes and dangerous sinking sands yet you still get some idiot thinking they can walk on it so far this year we have had 56 rescues (I think I would be charging them if I was the RNLI) of which 4 were fatalities Southport sits between two estuaries on my side the Ribble and on the better side the Mersey we have lost our geese they have left early this year but we get some good rare birds at the sanctuary at Martin Mere. The RIPB have let loose a pack of Llama's to try and keep the foxes away from the ground nesting birds only trouble there is they have sent the foxes my way on the links at the back of us and Misty being a cat thinks it great to raid a foxes cache in the middle of the night and leave a nice bottom half of rabbit under my computer desk. Still I am lucky to be where I am surrounded by all this nature.

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Sounds a great area for wildlife ant but as you say dangerous for those who don't have local knowledge or common sense.

Keep up the trundling ant and keep away from that sinking sand ok. :)

Keep up the good work Tony! It's great that you share your wildlife pics with everyone - apart from being unable to get out there are also those who live in inner city areas and rarely get the chance to see these things - it makes lovely de-stressing watching!

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dall05 in reply to Parvati

Glad I helped de-stress you Parvati, I used to see all these things going on but now with the help of technology I can share them.

I love my country walks and its great that everyone can come along and enjoy them as well, all be it through the camera lens.

Thanks Parvati.

Nice picture Tony and good to hear you are still keeping those country walks up, wish I could join you just have to content myself with an urban stroll, with more traffic than people on foot. Much different when I get away on holiday though. Have a good evening.

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dall05 in reply to katieoxo60

Urban strolls are better than nothing and Its amazing what can be seen even in busy areas. Can't beat a good holiday though with some new scenery to look at.

Thanks katie xx

Brilliant video as usual Tony and the river did look very high. I am so pleased you can still get out and about courtesy of your beloved snood. Keep breathing well, keep walking, keep singing and sending us such wonderful videos. Take care. xxxx

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dall05 in reply to sassy59

Glad you enjoyed the video's sassy, the river might be over the pathway next week if the rain keeps coming so I had better take a boat with me for some real close up filming.

Hopefully the snood won't be needed but its out now and the weather will probably just get colder. :(

Breathing, walking and singing is something I intend to do for some time to come with a bit of luck. :)

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sassy59 in reply to dall05

Good for you Tony. Wishing you well. xxx

Nice pic of the river Tony but I wouldn't want to fall into it! Looks mighty cold rom where I'm sitting. Heck I'd say it IS mighty cold!

How are you getting on? Do you still go for long walks every day?

I've not been around for a while so I'm out of touch but have dusted myself off and started blogging again.

Look forward to some of your wonderful pics.

Sara xx

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dall05 in reply to butter-fly

Its good to see you back and blogging again Sara, The river did look very fast and cold and I wouldn't fancy my chances swimming across to the other side but the cormorants make easy work of it don't they with their underwater diving antics.

I still walk but not everyday, I always get some form of exercise in just to keep things in good shape ready for possible lung transplant.

There's sure to be plenty more pics and vid's coming so keep um peeled. :)

Tony xx

well done dall, amazing seeing the cormorants dive underwater, more amazing where they come back up, :) i cant say ive seen any long tailed tits up my way [bonnie scot.]

its great to hear your out and about dall , hope that wasnt you jogging :D ,,jimmy

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dall05 in reply to jimmyw123

The cormorants were right in front of me and put on a pretty good display. They didn't seem to catch anything but not for the want of trying. They were diving all over and its fun trying to work out where they are going to come up next.

No fear of catching me jogging jimmy, if I tried it I would get about 20 meters and then probably wake up in hospital, if I was lucky. :)

I'm surprised how many long tailed tits there are on the river bank, there's obviously plenty of food up in those walnut trees.

Do you see any red squirrels up in bonnie Scotland, there's none left down here only greys.

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jimmyw123 in reply to dall05

hi dall, yes it was amazing when the cormorants dived, they came up quite a few yards from where they dipped, i wonder if the could catch and eat under water?

no, i didn't think it was you jogging dall, you'll be like me,, easier to watch others jogging :D

but i do love a good slow stroll in the country, its amazing what you can see and hear, it seems to give me a sense of serenity, peace of mind etc. i haven't seen any red squirrels, plenty grey ones, but i think they are quite common much further north.

a lot of the migratory birds will be off now [they've more sense than us :D ] i wondered if those swans migrated like the geese, i know theres many swan species actually come here for the winter, but there is a few that go. :)

as you say, there must be plenty feeding for those long tailed tits, for you to see so many along the river bank,

anyway dall, its great to hear your getting out and about :)

i,ll be out and about tomorrow :D my once a week "health lifestyle course" so i,ll see what tomorrow brings :) ,,,they've even got "walking football " :D true,, but i wont be playing :D

all the very best dall, great videos,,jimmy :)

Great videos Tony ! Loved the blue sky through the bare leaves and the sunlight on the water. Agree totally about snoods, they're warm, cosy and comforting. I have a raspberry coloured fleece snood but haven't used it yet this year. Time to get it out maybe.

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I thought the blue sky through the trees looked good too, Its good to see a bit of blue and the sun still had a bit of heat in it when it shone through also.

My snood is plain black but its just great for stopping those cold draughts as you know.

Thanks Argana.

the light on the water on these was beautiful and of course I loved the swans in flight and the one that turned over in the water kicking its legs - priceless. Fills your heart watching them Tony - thank you :)

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I heard the squeaky wings of swans flying so quickly got the camera ready and hey presto they passed right in front of me. I loved it and the following act of the one nearby having a good old clean up just ended to video nicely. It was one of my most enjoyable river walks even though its a little colder now so hopefully It won't be flooded out next week and I can do it again.

Thank you for sharing such fabulous films ! Very interesting Severn looked to be in full flood Beautiful shots. I live on the Isle of Man we do have varied wildlife and also amazing scenery, The Irish Sea is being particularly lively at the moment bit hard on the new seal pups. Watching your film was inspirational ,i should get out there & learn how to have go myself. My PR Course has really been excellent ,much much fitter & keeping up exercises and increased walking,have a more positive attitude , gone off topic but seeing yr film made me appreciate what I have and how grateful I am to be able to get about. Really appreciated your post. Diane

Hi Tony I live near the river seven I also live near a big lake with swans the only problem is I have a Labrador who loves to swim and thinks that all lakes rivers and beaches belong to her.

Thank you for the video it proves we still have life out side even if we are stuck in these four walls

Lovely clips. Yes, Tony, I took the option to go to the gym rather than out. I prefer the artificial light and the warmth. To compensate the lack of sun, I take some vitamin D!

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