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thanks every one for your answers, its nice to know there are people out there that will try and help, i am taking 2.5mg nebules of ventolin salbutamol sulphate i can read the packet now,(i couldn`t see straight this morning) i should take one dose 3/4 times daily i am going to phone my doc when i can talk a bit better, to see if i should start my rescue pack, but if i do thats 3 times in 6 weeks and i`m not keen on that . once again thanks for all replies

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Morning Whit, Yes do talk to the Doctor. The nebules you are taking are the same ones my husband takes. It might be worth asking for saline for your nebuliser as well, these really help my husband sometimes and you can take them as often as you need. The only thing I would say is that sometimes the same thing has happened to my husband - he ends up taking three or four courses of antibiotics and steroids before an infection has properly cleared. It might be worth asking the doctor to test your sputum - it maybe you need another antibiotic. The only other advise I would give is to try to take the nebuliser before you go to bed whilst you are not well, it may help you get a good nights sleep. Let us know what the doctor says. Take good care, TAD xx

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hi whit, so great to hear from you, :)

if i were you i would phone the doctor NOW,for a house call !!!,,,thanks for posting whit,,

ive got to go now, got my hooverer comming lol :)

see what the doctor says, all the very best whit,, thinking of you,, jimmy


Hi whit, good morning I hope you managed to get some sleep. In my opinion you should be examined today by a health professional and maybe given a different antibiotic rather than relying on your rescue pack. If you have difficulty breathing or speaking you need to be seen. If you can wheeze your name or phone number that's all you need and the receptionist or 111 nurse should realise you have a problem. Is there no one you could contact by knocking on a wall or floor?

Best wishes and take care


Were you aware that you can get salbutamol nebs in 5mcg size, effectively double the dose. I've been on these for about 3 years without any obvious problems. I take them day and night and occasionally during the day if needed.


i am just starting with the home nebuliser ,so i dont know alot about them yet


Hope you are feeling better than yesterday. x


a little, thanks


I am so glad you are a bit better :)


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