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well 3 oclock in the morning. i have just used my nebuliser but i am still gasping ,dont know wether to take another ampule or not i feel so light headed ,is it me or the nebuliser?i havent really used a nebuliser at home before maybe some one can steer me the right way

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No expert on news but I am awake. A chat to calm you while hoping a more knowledgeable member comes along.

Try and sit and calm. Normal deep breathing slowly. Try to focus on air going in through the nose and slowly out through the nose. Rib

Hope things have improved. It's now 4 am and I'm going to try and sleep. Good luck. Rib

You don't say what medication you are nebulising sob.

If you are light headed it probably won't be saline (which is very soothing btw)

The other I know about is salbutomol and my GP says not to have another one closer than 4 hours. This can make you light headed and shaky too.

Apart from what Rib has told you, another tip which helps me with asthma/s.o.b. is to tilt my head back - this straightens out the neck making it easier for the air to get down.

You need to ask for more information as to how to use the nebuliser.

Don't be shy of calling 111 or even 999 if you are really gasping.

Hope it improves.

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Just tried that O2 and it works! x

Whit, just read your message. Try not to panic. Did you do as Rib suggested? Phone BLF or your GP today and ask for advise. xx

Hi whit, hope you ok, you have been given some good advice, I suggest you ring your gp today and the helpline.


Morning whit, hope ur feeling better now , fingers crossed. X Sonia x


Morning Whit - hope you are feeling better. My husband has had a couple of nights like that in fact last night he used the nebuliser with salbutomol before he went to bed. We were told by the doctors not to take the salbutomol in the neb. more than once every four hours and if my husband felt it he needed it more to call the doctor or 999. The saline solution does help my husband - not all the time but sometimes. We leave the bedroom door slightly open now which seem to help him. He finds it very difficult when it gets cold at night - if he wakes to go to the loo, it can be dreadful if it is cold and sometimes the cold wakes him up and he is very SOB.

If you are not feeling much better this morning, please call your doctor. Better to air on the safe side. Take good care, lots of love TAD xx

hi whit, i can only speak for myself, but although i've had a nebuliser for a while, and on oxygen, the last couple of nights i've been up at 3 or 4 am , my loud wheezing/breathlessness has woken me up. whether its right or not, i get up, spend ages, doing a double neb [salbutamol] sometimes a third one an hour later!!!! , after repeatedly doing the saline nebs [any amount],,and a few cups of week coffee, once i eventually get this phlegm up i'm ok, but feel awful at that time of the morning,

now whether this is the right and proper thing to do, i really don't know!!!,,, or care for that matter :) about an hours hard work with the saline nebs,[and double salbutamol ,,one space, then another] i eventually i feel a lot better, i can feel for you whit as its a horrible feeling waking up like this.

!!!!when i first used my nebuliser, and rescue [blue] inhaler, i found i did got"light headed " and in fact quite "shaky" but that was some time ago, maybe im used to it now, but have no ill effects!!!! .

i usually sleep in the sitting up position,with banked up pillows, since doing this , have found my breathing much better,

unfortunately the last few nights i seemed to have "slid down" in my sleep to the lying position, this seems to be my problem the last few days or on other odd occasions, when i wake up wheezing and can feel the phlegm lying in my lungs.

in a nut shell whit,:) i benefit from sleeping in the upright position, although it takes a little getting used too,

i take a double salbutamol neb, without any ill effects , but did at the beginning, i follow this up with the saline nebs [sterile salt water]

it is easier for me sleeping in the upright position as my spine is fused in a reasonable upright position due to another underlying illness.

if i were you i would make sure this is not an infection coming on!!

as i say whit, i can feel very much for you, as i know well what its like [im on my own ] i have only given you my opinion and my way of dealing with this,

maybe best get the doctors advice on this, i sincerely wish you better nights, and pray you get some relief from this gasping for air

sincere caring thoughts,,, jimmy

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i have just read the other posts whit, i do hope things are ok,

if your awake, or when you do awake, please phone the blf helpline, or phone your g,p, if very bad phone an ambulance

whenever you are able, please let us know how you get on, as we all worry and care for all our members

i sincerely hope you feel better by now, i'm so annoyed at myself as i could have been in touch with you at 4am,

although i was doing my nebs etc myself,at that time,

kindest regards jimmy ,


Hi Sob. I take a. Nebule 6 times a day, can't get through the day by taking less. When I have a breathing attack during the night, which is not very often now, I take 3 puffs of my Ventolin inhaler, I only take my nebuliser during the night if I have a chest infection. Taking your nebuliser to much could make you more breathless, & if it does you may have a bit of an infection. I am 72 & have copd. If you are breathless during the night then I would sugest you see your Doctoor or Respitory nurse. Good luck. Art.

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Hi ART, How long have you had copd? If you dont mind me asking, whats your fev 1 AND oxygen level.

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Hi Ruby. I have had copd now for 20 years & was informed by my Doctor that it is now very severe, although my oxygen stats still reach 95 which my Respitory Nurse said is very good considering, but oxygen stats go down if I try to do anything which is a joke because I can't do anything for myself now, but when I try & walk about indoors then my stats go down, I can only manage to walk from one room to the other, 90% of the time I am totaly exhausted. I take Salbutamol nebs 4 times a day & Ipatropium nebs 2 times a day + Seratide inhaler 2 puffs twice a day + Ventolin inhaler when required. I have been using a nebuliser for 18 years.


Hi whit I hope you are feeling much better by now. I can't offer any advice I am afraid but I wish you well. x

Hi sob I have had a few such nights recently and my wife phoned 111 and a Doctor phoned us back and talked me through my anxiety and it helped tremendously. More recently we phoned 111 and after an assessment sent an Ambulance. The paramedics stabilized me and after 2 hours left me comfortably at home. Before they arrived I was 82 Oxygen, PF180 BP 230/120. The Doc in contact wanted me in Hospital but once settled I could stay at home. It was a great help on both occasions and its goo to know I can contact someone during those darkest hours 2am--3am--4am when these episodes are at their worst. Never hesitate to reach out for help and use 111. Best of luck.

HI Whit, hope your feeling better by now.Your probably sleeping like a baby. My daughter and I clean offices at night

Sorry - only ever used them at the surgery. I am sure you will get lots of good advice from this group. Take care :)

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