thank you

i think i gave up abit and now have been given hope and inspiration

instead of using this illness to sit on my but i need to get up and move more ... the more i sit the worse it will get

so thank you from me and my kids that are still young enough to need me for the kick up the bum i really needed

heres to fab xmas ... gonna really get up and get ready for it this year .... feel amazing right now and its all thanks to you all xxxxxx

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  • That's the spirit, never ever give up. :)

  • That's the spirit. Please don't forget you're never on your own, just log onto this site. xxx

  • Go get em! Put this illness in its place, and start to live again. You are welcome. Have a great xmas too xx

  • This really is a brilliant community, the folks on here are amazing, they pick you up when you're feeling down, give good advice, and plenty of laughs along the way. Glad you're feeling better, keep on keeping on.


  • Have a fab day - onwards and upwards!! I am convinced that if my husband had been more active and walked as I nagged him - he would have been able to cope much better. I was just reading an american article where they are looking at prescribing exercise for a whole host of illnesses! Take good care and the very best of luck, TAD xxx

  • Go for it girl ♡

  • Go for it girl ♡

  • Well done!!!!! - you and your children will be so much happier with your positive attitude. Good luck :)

  • having an amazing day spring cleaning my kitchen in a way i haven't in AGES up and down the ladder and everything even ran up the stairs to get the kids up today for the first time in 2 years coughing abit but feeling good

  • Great news Yvette. Keep up the good work. You will feel better for it. Exercise is key with this disease. Keep moving, and much luck to you.


  • Hi Yvette, so glad you are feeling positive. If you start feeling down again, just send a post and we will all write and make you hopefully feel better. You are never alone, you have us. You and the children prepare for a fab Christmas. All the best Maximonkey

  • Action is always better than inaction..., in all things.

    Keep on truckin' !!!!

  • your determination was always there, you just lost the will on the way, Now you can go and help Santa this year !!!

  • actually up for that lol

  • had a really busy day (for me ) compared to how i have been since diagnosis (kinda sat around alot since giving up) .... and i'm coughing more than before is this normal ????

  • its not unusual to cough more when being active after inaction, but if it doesnt settle soon best you see about it, just in case it means something is amiss ! Happy to hear that you are positive again keep it going its the only way to go, the other way is not an option...take care love roo-roo xx

  • Never give up, you will be surprised with what you can do.

  • Never give up, you will be surprised with what you can do.

  • The more you do, the more you can do. :)

  • despite the chocking on cillit bang i'm actually enjoying it and surprising myself .......... forgot how good it felt - wasted so much time feeling sorry for myself

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