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Hi all, I went back to the docs on Friday as I am very sob of late and am finding it difficult to get the gunge of my chest. She suggested I use a spacer with my blue inhaler and a flutter device to help clear my chest. I got the spacer, but they didn't have the flutter thing and I have to go back for it on Monday. I wondered if anyone has used these, and if they have been beneficial?

Any advice on this would be appreciated,




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I bought one years ago direct from the manufactures ( Clement Clarke if my memory serves me right) ...but I do believe that you can now get them on prescription... but I doubt any chemist stocks them so the would have to order one

Most people swear by them...but I personally have never had any success with my matter how hard I try over the years ( as if they work for you they are VERY effective I hear) and a physio said to me, that the reason I cannot make the little ball vibrate is because I don't have enough 'Puff'

I have tried it at every angle......but it never has worked for me....

But then my 'puff' is very poor...the best I ever get from a peak flow reading is 200

So I have to be content with just the huff/cough breathing technique to help me to clear my lungs

Good luck with the flutter...if it works for you, it will be brilliant


Hi again Christine, I use the spacer but I've never heard of a flutter so can't offer any advice, I don't usually get phlegm but occasionally when I get a rattle in my throat I can't get it out, my reflux is rubbish and the most I can blow on a peak flow is 175. Hope someone can help u. X Sonia x


It's time you get referred to pulmonary rehabilitation. The nurses are down to earth in explaning about lung disease and giving advice on shortness of breath. They also test you (within a group) and put through your pace in gentle exercise circuit. That is the vital thing to do if you want to improve your condition. Courage, help is at hand.


Hi Christine. I am a Flutter user. I posted a Thread on Flutter a while back. If you type Flutter into the Search line and click the magnifying glass you will find a lot of others have posted lots too.

I remember when I first started using I couldn't get it to work. I have Bronchiectasis and it is thick sticky glue rather than phlegm. I told my Domiciliary Pulmonary Nurse and she arranged for a Pulmonary Physio to visit me and give me an hour of help.

Chemists rarely stock Flutter. They cost over £50 if you don't get one on prescription. If anyone does need one then they should get it prescribed but often people just don't realise. So I put this here for future searchers.

Regards Rib


I was given a flutter to try out by my physio. When I used it properly it worked very well and saved me from the pains of harsh coughing. But I found it difficult to find the correct angle to hold it at andgave up on it. Now I have an Acapella which I personally find easier to use as it can be used in any position.

With both of them you know it is working properly when you feel back pressure deep in your lungs followed by the desire to huff.

The Flutter is the only one available on presctiption as it is more robust. The Acapella Choice is approx £50.


You will love the flutter valve. it works great! As far as spacer I can't be any help with that..try and see but if I use my flutter device upside down works much better.


I'm sorry it's a acapella not a flutter device so sorry for the typo.


I am asthmatic and have bronciectasis. I purchased a flutter device from evergreen @ £50. I didn't know you could get one on prescription. It is really good at getting the junk up off your lungs. You can watch a demonstration on u tube which I found really helpful. You may not get all the junk up but later on during the day I can easily cough it up because blowing on the flutter device has loosened it. Definitely agree with using your spacer with your blue inhaler when bad as this helps to get the spray right down your lungs and will open up your airways to help get the junk up. Hope this helps. Keep at it and don't give up. Take care, Shirley x


Yes I use both and they really help. I was getting loads of oral thrush because of the dry powder inhalers and now use the blue spacer (aero chamber) with different inhalers (the push down type), so less thrush. The Flutter valve makes it much easier to cough up the stuff. It took a while to get the technique right but I use it about 3 times a day and it's amazing the difference it makes :-)


Hi Sparkler, that's good to know, I also get thrush quite a lot, so if this helps that it will be an added bonus. I will look forward to using it and see what happens,

Thanks again, keep well,

Christine. XXXX


The thing I find best about the Aero Chamber is that one can push one or two doses into it and then put it in your mouth and inhale. Knowing that it doesn't matter how many times one 'sips' at it there is no wasted drug. So if one cannot co ordinate the fire and suck of an inhaler or can only take small breathes the inhalers will work.

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