hi i was diagnosed with copd 2 yrs ago and am feeling very alone at the moment. I took a cold in july which really badly affected my breathing had an xray done and a spirometry test done and they have said that my copd has gone from moderate to severe. i am 38 yrs old and suffering a bit of depression which im trying hard to overcome but thats not easy as im now too scared to go out anywhere because my breathing plays up the min i go outside i havnt got any energy even to do housework or even wash my hair at times and to top it all off iv just had another cold which causes me to have fits of coughing that i cant control gets so bad it really scares me and i dont know what to do when i get like that iv got antibiotics and steroids but they havnt helped the min i finished them the coughing fits were back. can anyone advise me on what i can do to try and prevent this and maybe some tips on how to deal with it thanks.

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I am newly diagnosed with mild COPD, I dread to think about on what your going through, although I have to been frightened to go out, I feel like crying, its like being strangled, god knows you are going through it, I am sorry I have no constructive advice except to go back to your doctor, I know how you feel with the depression though its awful I know get help for that as well, you shouldn't have to suffer alone, hope someone else comes along and will be able to give you better advice then I can take care. Angse

thanks for ur response i am so glad i found this website at least i know im not alone lol. i dont have anyone i can talk to and am trying to deal with things and keep going but im at the stage where every day seems a struggle i dread going to bed as thats my worst time it just seems ur fighting every day and the doctors dont seem to help much but now been refered to hospital so maybe they can help.

You poor thing you are really going through it, I know doctors don't really seem to listen just hand out meds, but honestly here on this site you really are not alone, there is always someone to respond to you, and even if we can't answer all your questions we will listen. Annette that's real name

Hi Vicky. I'm sorry your feeling so low. I too think you need to go back to your docter. You really shouldn't be just putting up with it. I know depression can get you so down, you don't have the strength to do anything, but you might have an infection and just need a different type of antibiotic, because there are more than one type.

You need to tell them you want help with your depression too. You need to build your strength back up and you can't do that without their help.

There will be others along with better advice than mine as I'm only moderate, but please don't feel alone, we are here for you. You can feel better with your docter's help and the support on here. x


Sorry to hear you feel so bad, but I know exactly how you feel I had Pneumonia two years running. You don't say what medication you take, have you got a consultant or a community respiratory team to call on and have you been offered a Pulmonary rehab course exercise really makes a difference, also are you claiming disability that could help with getting someone to help clean. And the depression is horrible but your not alone now you've got us to talk to so moan away.

Kim xxxx

lol thanks everyone its so nice to know there are people out there that is going through what i am going through. i will go back to my gp but i have finally been referred to hospital to see a consultent. i tried to get disability but i got turned down i did apeal and won low rate mobility but thats all. i feel so useless because of the way my cleaning the house and going out seems to be going down hill. im so glad ive now got people to talk too thank you all xx

Hi Vicky. For a lot of people coughing is a daily part of COPD. Unless you are actually coughing up either greenish or brownish sputum then it is unlikely that you have an infection so taking antibiotics and steroids is just using up your chances of them helping you later on when you Need them. If you Ever cough up Blood then ring for help straight away. If not your GP then 999.

You can always get excellent help from the BLF nurses ( number by clicking the Red Balloon at the top of the page.

Depression is a subject I wrote about only last week. Use search. A lot of people contributed to the thread. It effects COPD patients frequently.

Regards Rib

Hi vicky , and welcome, sorry to hear ur not good at the mo, u've had some sound advice off others, so not much more I can add, depression is difficult and I'm afraid follows with this illness, U'll have depression good and bad days and copd good and bad days, hopefully when u see the consultant he'll be able to help, but least now u know ur not on ur own, we are all here for each other. Take care x Sonia x

Hi Vicky, very hard for you right now. Best suggestion here is to call the BLF nurses. If you have recurrent mucus with colds/infections you need to get a sputum test to check if there is a particular bacteria present. That helps the GP know which is the best antibiotic to treat you with.

Hoping for improvement :)

Hi Vicky and I'm sure you would rather not have to be welcomed into our friendly, helpful circle, but a big warm welcome and hugs. I was you almost two years ago now, frightened, feeling isolated, losing weight, no energy. I'm now coping well. Take everyone's advise on here, we are living proof you can improve your quality of life and cope with COPD.. I'm severe. I agree hair washing is tiring so I go to the hairdresser. I make my life easier by only doing the jobs that really need doing. Stay with us and pick up much useful info. xx

hi vickyc1 ,I have just been through the same as you,didnt have the energy to do anything,couldnt be bothered to even have a shower,just wanted to sleep,yesterday I decided this was no good,I went to a blf group,I have only been going out to do the shopping,I am always scared that I will start coughing.I learnt a lot from this group.I still don't feel like I can go out and party,Have to keep the house going though so I keep plodding along.Hope you feel better soon ,This is a great site for help and support.

Hi Vicky I'm new to this site and I'm really grateful to have found it coz like you I felt very alone and frightened but because of all the support on here I no longer feel that way. I was diagnosed in June with copd and my worst times are morning and night time when I go to bed, its really scary when you can't breath and can't stop coughing, I coughed that much I pulled muscles under both sides of my ribs, so I was coughing like mad and also had pain from my musles, catch 22 situation. I've went yo the docs got steroid tablets and anti biotic as I had a cold also last month and I do feel loads better, maybe now your under the hospital care you'll get more relief from your condition, but please don't feel alone. Come here and be heard, understood and cared for, be well huni love angie. Xxx

You are definitely not alone Vicky and have had some good advice on here. Do go and see your doctor again and I just hope that things improve for you. Tea tree oil is a great antiseptic and can be placed just inside the nostril carefully with a cotton bud but do check that it is ok for you to use first. Also a light scarf across your mouth and nose, anything to keep out the cold air and germs. I hope you have had your flu jab too or at least can get it done soon. Wishing you well and do come back when you feel like it as it is nice to hear from you. Get better soon and take care. xxxx

Hi vickyc1, I think a lot of us have been in a similar situation to you, but there is hope.

At one time even the thought of going to the bathroom filled me with panic, the breathlessness was frightening, even the phone or doorbell ringing would set me off. I would manage to get to the kitchen, have to sit down and eat cold baked beans from the tin as I couldn't manage anything else.

Make an appointment with your gp as soon as possible, maybe a double session if you can and tell them exactly what you have posted here. The BLF helpline will be open on Monday and they can set you on the right path.

As well as being on the right medication, I have found that relaxation and meditation therapies have helped me, as well as pursed lip can find ideas on you tube.

There have been posts in the past on this site about managing everyday tasks like hair washing and showering as well as housework....using wet wipes to dust and small rechargeable vacuum cleaners for instance.

Even in the middle of the night there maybe someone to talk to on this site which is reassuring.

Take care and good luck.

hey vicky just to add you have joined a very supportive community here, that shoudl help you to cope when youfeel low. we all have lung problems of pne sort or another, snd i personally have had really useful advice. i'd suggest, as well as all the advice everyone else has offered, is that youfget a salt pipe and use it for 20 min everynight before you go to bed. it has really helped me - seems to cleanse and soothe the lungs and breathing tubes. good luck when you see th econsultant! let us know how you get on. x

Hi Frances,

Excuse my ignorance but what in the world is a salt pipe? from Las Vegas and never heard of one...


Hi Vicky, Best move youve made coming on the site you will get loads of good information to help you.

Glad your Dr has referred you to the hospital, there is lots can be done to help you cope and feel better just takes time, hang in there


you have come to the right site Vicky just look above you all those welcomes and a welcome from me call in often never suffer alone.

Soooo sorry you are feeling so down Vicky. have you thought of going to see your doctor and explain how down you are feeling; if you don't tell them they don't know. Also, ask about the coughing......have you spoken to a BLF nurse - they are so helpful from what I have heard. Sending you lots of good wishes and a huge HUG :)

Hi everyone

Hi Vicky, I do feel for you. You remind me of exactly how I was until I found this site in early 2013. I used to put a big coat over my PJs to take my dog out in the park opposite, 1st I'd look out of the window to check no one I knew was around because I'd no energy to speak to anyone or wish for anyone to see what id become.

The coughing was incessant, far worse at night. I though my life was over.

Since learning so much here to help myself and getting on the right medication I've not looked back.

Ok, I'm not as vibrant, busy and energetic as I was 5 years ago but not doing too badly at all since rebuilding my immune system. I can now fight off bugs instead of succumbing to every single snuffle.

It's great you're seeing a consultant at last. Don't be fobbed off, something is wrong and needs to be sorted. It may take a while to get your Meds sorted out but hang on in there, I'm so glad I did.

Please call the BLF helpline for guidance on the right questions (for you personally) to ask

of your medics.

I would fight for a CT scan to give you a proper diagnosis.

Good luck, wishing you all the very best. P

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