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Hi everyone, hope you are all coping with the winter taking up residence. I don't post often but I do stalk everyone daily. I have a flight test 11/11/14. Has anyone done this, if so can you advise me what to expect. I have copd, diagnosed asthma 1998, copd 2004, had ct scan 29/10/14, waiting results. Response much appreciated, quite a shy person really,64 years old. Take care everyone



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  • Hi ermintrude, I can't remember the exact details (nearly a year ago) but I do recall that it involved taking two blood oxygen tests over a 20/30 minute period. A little unpleasant, as some people find the taking of arterial blood from the wrist slightly painful. Really nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.

  • Hello Wendy. Sorry I know nothing about flight tests, but wanted to wish you luck with it and your results.


  • Hi Wendy/ ermintrude, sorry I've never been on a plane since I've been diagnosed/ill , hopefully U'll get plenty of advice on here off people who have, good luck, let us know how u get on. X Sonia x

  • I had a fit to fly test recently. Mine consisted of breathing air with reduced oxygen, equivalent amount of oxygen to that in an airplane cabin at 8000 feet, through a tube for 20 minutes. Your blood will be taken before, during and after this test to see how it deals with being in a reduced oxygen space. My blood was taken from my earlobe, but if it is done via artery in the wrist you can ask for a local anaesthetic. If your oxygen saturation is sufficiently decreased e.g. 88% or below, you will be prescribed oxygen for the flight. The BLF have a leaflet on this, or the helpline will advise. Good luck :)

  • Hi everyone thank you all so much for your resonse, yes blood gases are very unpleasant, last October it took them 5 attempts on one wrist and 3 on the other before success, so not looking forward to it but I do want to get away to the sun. Will let you know results Wednesday AND by then

    hopefully have my ct scan result too. Thank you once again.


  • fitfortravel.nhs.uk/advice/...

    I have been told I will have to have fit to fly test before I fly anywhere. But they did suggest I do not fly. So I have now looked at trains or boats to get to my holiday destination. But it is the insurance that is stopping me at the moment!

    Be Well

  • Sorry hit wrong key. If I cant fly then we will be looking at perhaps a cruise. Fingers crossed.

    regards erme

  • I think I lost my original post. I am on oxy at night coz I desaturate, (since April) when I had blood gas taken, 5.9! But I have oxymeter and readings up since April so hope

    flight test will be good, but doesn't stop problem of insurance like you, so I need the info so I can be honest with Ins Co'

  • Flew out to Qatar last Tuesday with no-one mentioning anything about flight tests!!! Didn't know anything like that existed! Anyhow, Flight was fine and I am now getting prepared to fly back this Tuesday! Can't be of much help really, except to say I just go ahead and do things regardless and hope for the best!!! Hope all goes well with you!

  • Thanks for reply, I am currently on oxygen at night and I need flight test at hospital to see how much my oxygen drops on a flight (even healthy people lose oxygen flying), but I don't want to be on oxy while flying if I can avoid it, apart from the insurance which can be very expensive.



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