Asthma attack whilst driving


This is my first post on this site My asthma has been causing problems recently an I am under my GP and Chest Clinic at Hospital

On bonfire night I was driving when I had an asthma attack ( first one whilst driving in 12 years)

The sudden onset caused me to miss a red light luckily there was no traffic or pedestrians around

I was able to pull over after 100 yards and take my spray (seeing consultant and GP next week

Has any one else had an asthma attack whilst driving

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Hi dillm, that sounds scary, glad you or no one else was hurt. Luckily I have never had that experience whilst driving, coughing fits are scary enough.


it was very scary (temporary I lost confidence in driving) I have put it down to it being Nov 5th and all the smoke in the air

As mentioned have pre-booked appointments at GP's and Chest Clinic and will discuss the incident with them - currently taking emergency steroids as peak flow is 220

Yes, I would think the smoky atmosphere is the most likely culprit for setting off your attack. Good luck with those appointments. Your peak flow sounds good compared to my 140 , but I have emphysema classed moderate to severe, as well as asthma, stupid lungs :)


I am being investigated for COPD at the hospital

I have just completed my Peak flow diary and have just realised since starting a new drug my peak flow has gone down on average and my symptoms have worsened to the point where the preventers aren't working will see pharmacist tomorrow for advice

Hi Dillm2 - thats the very thing I dread, I use the M25 every week , and have often wondered what would happen If I or anyone with this condition was suddenly struck with an attack, whilst driving, the trouble is , if you needed an Ambulance how on earth would you tell them WHERE YOU ACTUALLY WERE ON THE M25 ? , ok if your near a turn off, with a road sign as a rough guide to the Ambulance crew, but if your not, what do you say ? any ideas folks ? , the only thing I can think of is, try to remember the last turn off you pass on your journey, and tell the crew - " Well parked on the hard shoulder just after the last turn off to ......, IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH BREATH TO EVEN TELL THEM - !!! - goods Luck! ...

Hi all on this post, motorways nowadays have signposts, blue with white numbers continuously positioned along the side of hard shoulder so in am emergency you could keep your eye on those, look at them every now and then and while you may not have the exact right number the emergency services would soon find you, providing of course you have the breath. Lets hope and pray no one is ever in that situation.



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