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Lack of breath bending and stretching


Can anyone suggest suitable exercises to stop me being less breathless when bending or stretching. I have COPD with only 30% lung function

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Hi Mike...lung function similar. Maybe yoga would be an option, preferably a class where you'd be giving some guidance. The movements are gentle, gradual and within everyone's limitations.

Hope you find something to suit you.

mikeadams51 in reply to Hidden

All exercise and I imagine yoga the same as I have to use oxygen for the exercise is awkward

Hi, I have practiced yoga for years but my lung function is a bit higher than yours....there can be a lot of bending and stretching though.

Have you asked your respiratory nurse or gp for suitable exercises....have you been on pulmonary rehab course?

The B L F helpline could give you some ideas...I have their exercise handbook too.

Take care and good luck

mikeadams51 in reply to knitter

Yes been to rehab and maintenance classes but get really bored with group aerobics. Once again quite awkward using oxygen


Have a read of.

These are typical of pulmonary rehabilitation classes.

Have you tried taking in a breath then breathing out as you are bending or stretching ?

Hi, bending and stretching will always be a problem due them both limiting the diaphragms movement, which is what we use to breath. Doing it more often may help because it becomes normal to us rather than occasional. The one thing I always do before any task that makes me breathless, is stock up on oxygen before you do it. Get comfortable, upright and use breathing control for a short period before the task.....a bit like making sure you have fuel in your car before you make a journey.

I have thanks but to no avail

Hi, if you do have to bend to do any task, try taking a deep breath in and then release it as you bend. Personally, I tried to avoid it if I can.

Hi. I also get this, think it maybe something we have to live with Ax

Unfortunately you are probably right

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