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Hi all, I had a spirometry test today

The nurse told me that my lung age is 92 even though I am 75 so what does this mean, I wheeze and get out of breath a lot but only use a ventolyn inhaler as I get side effects with just about everything, I was diagnosed with COPD this summer and last summer I was told I had Diastolic Heart Failure so my ankles swell but am not using water tablets because I have Sicca Syndrome (dryness), so really I am in a right mess - is there any hope for me or should I be put down as they would if I was a dog!!!

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Lung age is in my view just a number. I am 44 and have a lung age of 113! I swim and walk albeit slowly and I have a permanent wheeze and I still work full time. Of course there is hope for you - if anything I think as much of it is about mindset which I know is easy to say when you aren't dealing with other people's illness as we all know its different for everyone. if you can see if you can get on some pulmonary rehab classes - they will help you use your lungs better and hopefully let you do more. Speak to your GP and ask them for a view. In my view there's always hope.


Oh I think putting you down like a dog would be a bit extreme!!! I care for my husband who has severe COPD. I would suggest you ring the BLF helpline and talk to the nurses - there maybe new drugs/inhalers available with less side effects that could help you.

Also ask your Doctor for a referral to pulmonary rehabilitation - a course of six weeks - two, two hour classes a week, one of monitored exercise and one of information. Really helped my husband. The very best of luck - don't give up!!! Lots of love TAD xx


My late grandad philosophy on life was always "where there's life there's hope"!! And he should know because he battled on with prostate cancer for the best part of 15 years.

Go back to your Dr and see if there's any newer drugs around that you can try. Take care



Take heart trownail, my husband has advanced COPD, one consultant said he had the worse lungs she had ever seen that of a 90 year old! we are waiting to see what can be done for him at the Royal Brompton. He has aesachemic heart desease (not sure if I spelt that right?) last year he had two small strokes, one left him with some numbness in his left arm and he is on ambulatory oxygen, he is 62!



My lung age has bigger gap than that and I am still annoying people like I always have maybe a bit slower but still doing as much as I can or find a way to adapt it to make to easier. The shock and feeling of impending doom should be put to the back of the mind and think about how before you were told, you were still doing things. Heart failure is a term that simply means it is not working at it's best. You can still drive a car with a dodgy spark plug!

Be WEll


Just keep living trownail. You sound perky to me. Ignore the numbers and just try to keep as active and healthy as you can and enjoy life. Dread to think what my lung age is. Ignorance is bliss xx


Thanks for all your replies, I was feeling very down so apologise, and anyway I love dogs!!!


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