week 3 repeated for the from couch to 5K

I'm putting here the same post as on the C25K forum, because it concerns my oxygen level which goes down at exercise.

I went to the gym today for my third "run" on the bike. I took my oximeter swith me because the bike's HR doesn't show. Mine indicated 117 HR. I was a bit distracted by my friend a district nurse, as we were chatting. Still I did the time of 15 min 32 and the distance was 1.80 miles (2.89 km)

My level on the bike is from 2 - 4, probably not very intense, but I'm thinking about my O2 level which goes down to 87 during the exercise! That's because of my COPD.

I shall attempt week 4 next week! On the whole, I feel good about it.

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  • I can't comment on O2 but think the 1.8 miles in 15-32 is pretty good especially with an HR of 117. I'd bet mine would be in the 150-160 range.

  • Well that sounds fantastic. Well done! You may need oxygen for exercise? Have you been assessed or talked to your nurse/doctor. When my husband went for his assessment last year for pulmonary rehab. during the six minute walking test it was found that his SATS dropped to 84 and he was prescribed oxygen for exercise. Made a massive difference to what he is able to do - although we were told the use of oxygen was to protect other organs. Take good care and hope that week 4 is just as good! Lots of love TAD xx

  • i think youve did fantastic, helingmic :) , my thoughts would be the same as tadow, its worth asking for oxygen on exercise as i am much the same, without the oxygen my sats drop quite low, but with the oxygen stay at about 92-93, if i am not mistaken, they allow sats between, 88 and 92 for copd sufferers, but anything below 90 can effect the vital organs, i,e heart etc. so maybe well worth asking for, the oxygen definitely makes you feel better, and makes you more able, but top marks to you helinmic :) good luck for week four,,, best regards,,jimmy

  • Thank you, I feel good when I finish and not out of breath and then I go on to the other pieces of equipment to strengthen my muscles! I stil feel good after that. Going home, I have the opportunity to drink a how chocolate and have a good rest! Thank you Jimmy (123 and hop!)

  • :D 123 and hop :D ,,, one thing about exercise helingmic,, you really enjoy a cuppa after it,,it makes you appreciate it all the more :),, all the very best, jimmy :)

  • I had oxygen before ( 2011). I discarded this after 2 months of going to the gym! I wont' be given oxygen now! I shall have to be careful. Fortunately, I don't stay to low oxygen for very long.

  • I shall follow Cornishbrian's advice, Tadaw. Thank you so much for the piece of advice.

  • Yes good advise take care xx

  • Well done Helingmic,keep up the good work. Just think fit as they say.Not sure about the numbers but to me any achievement you get has to be good both for your health and moral and maintains what health you still do have. Best wishes for the rest of your course.

  • Thank you, Katie, for your encouragement. I feel even better for it!

  • I agree with the above it all seems good to me. I am 124 BPM at rest at the moment and go down to 88 O2 going up stairs in my home. Keep it up.

    Be Well

  • Offcut, Have you thought of talking to your heart doctor to ask if you ought to take gentle exercise. I read on the internet a scholarly article that says that any gentle exercise improves the heart condition, especially after a heart attack.Speak to your doctor, the expert, about it.

  • I was due to have "Pace and Ablate" this year but after my lung tests and another by the heart guy they decided to cancel the the "pace and ablate" and have not been able to offer an alternative treatment. I am on tablets for the tachi heart etc. as without I would be nearer the 165 bpm mark at rest. My other issue is I have PH and that is not exercise friendly! This is also not helped with the RLD and arthritis and a few other things on top :(

    I do callanetics which I did when I used teach Karate when I was fit.

    Ever decreasing circles? But I try to keep smiling ;)

    Be Well

  • I'm sorry for your condition which prevents you from exercise. Callanetics is very good. I wish you all the best.

  • Your oxygen level will always go down when you exercise....even talking brings it down because your muscles are demanding more oxygen. The only real value from taking the oximeter with you, is to register your recovery time. Set the pace, distance etc and stick to it . At the end of each period, sit still, don't talk and us breathing control. Monitor your meter to see when it returns to your normal reading. 87 isn't particularly low. if it's 80 or below at rest, then you may have a problem that needs sorting. Also, your oximeter isn't always accurate. Skin condition and several other factors will effect your reading. Try your meter, remove it and moisten your finger before taking another reading and you will see what I mean. Exercise is the only one sure way of improving your condition. Drugs etc are just there to make it bearable.

  • Cornishbrian, Thank you so much for this explanation. I like it and it does reassure me. I'll concentrate on the recovery time.I know that 2 years ago, I couldn't talk during an exercise. Now I've been able to do just that!. thank you.

  • Hi Helingmic, Glad to hear you are doing so well. Long may it last! I'm told the more you can manage the better you will feel. I'm doing a rehab course myself and it has done wonders for me. Keep up the good work!

    Regards Sara xx

  • Sara, I'm with you on the cumulative side of health.

    I play chess. There's also a theory of small advantages; you make some and at first they may not be noticeable, but it wins the game in the end.

    For your thoughts (What I read on the internet. Working out. It takes a couple of weeks for you to notice any change in yourself. It takes about 3 months for family and friends to notice any hcange in you. it takes a year for the world to notice any change in you!

    Cheers, Mic.

  • Good for you Hellingmic ! Sounds like your exercise is really benefitting your health.

  • Argana, I wish it to be an advert to all lung sufferer. Exercises heals.

    I read on the internat (a scholarly article) that, contrary to the definition of COPD as an irreversible progressive illness, it has been seen now to be reversible through exercises. keep jumping up and down! :-)

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