Antibiotic free drug for MRSA

I read this today ( and it was on BBC news too) not being medical I don't know if this development will help infections that we might have...but it sounds great news, as I have had SO MANY antibiotics over the decades, getting immune to all the known ones is a constant threat to me

What do you think?

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  • ANY advance will be a plus for us :)

  • I sincerely hope so Louisiana , especially if it can help with Pseudomonas and all the other bugs that we can get colonized in our lungs

  • Looks promising!

  • Wow that looks like a fantastic discovery. At last they have looked at another was to attack the bug. Fingers crossed it does not have a worse side effect?

    Be Well

  • I asked a practice nurse friend I know last night if she thought it would help Bronchiectasis patients infections, and she read the article and said Yes it would in her opinion. So I am really more pleased than I was at first about this new research

    You cannot imagine the amount of antibiotics I have taken over my life time.....even my chemist has questioned the volume of antibiotics I have been prescribed over the years...Of course several of them I am now immune to...and once the Azithromycin ceases to be effective I will be on IV antibiotics

    So even though it will be in 5 years time..its good to know there is something else coming along..

  • Good news indeed Sohara, if it doesn't benefit me it will certainly benefit many in the future. Thank you xx

  • Reading it, the one mentioned only targets Staphylococcus, but if they use the technology to engineer more drugs to target things like pseudomonas, we would definitely benefit from it.

  • I asked my friend about Pseudomonas...she was doubtful it would help that bug...BUT she is only a nurse..not a doctor...and her specialty is Diabetes, so she has no special knowledge of lung diseases

    But she thought normal lung infections would be affected with the new drug, from what she read

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