I've noticed something odd with my pulse rate recently ?

Having an oximeter at home, I from time to time check my sats and heart rate. When I'm exercising my sats drop and my heart rate gets higher as to be expected. This has changed recently, my sats still drop but my heart rate stays low, it used to rise to around 120 but now often stay's as low as 70-80 when I'm really puffing hard.

What really made me think was after a six minute walk test at fit to breath last week the physio also commented on how low my heart rate was compared to my sats which were recovering back from 72.

I'm seeing my respiratory consultant later today and plan to ask him if it should to be looked into and whether he could put me through a treadmill test to see for himself.

Maybe I'm just to fit now eh' :) , anyway we'll see what he has to say this afternoon.

As you know I do a flat 3 mile river Severn walk most Mondays as part of weekly exercise routine, well this time a few of my white feathered friends were out of the water ready to greet me or eat me, one or the other.


On Tuesday I paid a visit to my dads and a Jay bird came visiting his feeding area amongst other things so I grabbed my camera once again.


Should be an interesting chat with my lung consultant later, with a bit of luck he'll say I've got this new pill which will cure you overnight, ok maybe that's wishful thinking but he may be able to tweek things a little to squeeze a few extra % lung function out of me.

We live in hope don't we Healthunlockeders and why not eh' :) :) :)

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  • was that your O2 making the noise on the swans movie?

  • Hi ant, I had just walked up some steps a little to quick from the river side and It got me puffing a little so I'm sounding a little worse for wear for that moment. I'm not always like that luckily and soon recover, my liquid oxygen was turned up a little high too so that can be a little noisy.

  • at first I thought swans don't make a noise like geese do they? Then ir clicked that it must be the cameraman having a struggle with their breathing being so close to the river does it ever go into spate and do you ever get flooded?

  • I only get flooded if I walk there when the rivers in flood. :) . I actually live on the side of the Malvern Hills about 10 miles from the river so I think I'm pretty safe there.

    I do this river walk most Mondays because I drop my son off at Worcester college so while I'm there I make the most of this level and scenic 2-3 mile stroll. It takes me about 1 1/2 hours with quite a few stops along the way for rests and to enjoy the wildlife.

  • lucky guy then to be so near so much beautiful nature I always lived on higher ground in Lancashire but in York at University I was on lower ground that flooded often from where 2 rivers met as students we were often called on to volunteer our services and help the older population move their valuables upstairs but once we did call it a day when one old dear said we can leave every thing but she wanted the blessed piano moved.

  • Did you leave it where it was so she could play Handel's water music. :) .

    Your right ant, I am lucky to live where I am.

  • dall that was a bit below the belt lol all we were cncerened about was if they were safe and for our saafety find out where the nearest manhole covers were the reason behind this was when flooded the water would push these off and at least 2 corporation team members went down.

  • It does pay to know where those man hole covers are, when your walking in floods you never know what lies below the surface.

    The way its raining today there might be some floods coming, lets hope not eh'

  • well our coast road is closed of and the road I live in is awash so I am told perhaps this is what you get for living below sea level like I do just thankful there are salt marshes between us and the sea.

  • On the face of it it seems good that your heart doesn't have to work so hard when your sats are low. Is there something else you suspect ? Sounds like increased fitness levels to me and if so, isn't that wonderful ? Good luck with your consultation !

  • Increased fitness would be nice but my consultant is going to put me on an exercise bike soon and see what happens so I look forward to the results of that.

    Thanks Argana, maybe he'll be entering me into the Tour of Britain next year :)

  • Your heart rate sounds good to me, Tony. x

  • The consultant is going to put me on an exercise bike and watch to see what happens. Should be interesting as well as knackering so I kind of look forward to it but I know its gonna hurt.

    Bradley Wiggins for a day, I'll have to buy the lycra outfit for a laugh eh' :) :)

  • Perhaps a yellow jersey?

  • Hey! let us know the name of the new pill when you get it.....pleeeeeeese :)

  • Dam!! the consultant said no miracle pill yet but he's working on it. :( . Ah well maybe next time yeh' Louisiana :) .

  • I'll keep you to it :)

  • I just love swans and they were happy to let you close too :) We have 2 jays come each year. They are rather special birds.

    Hope everything went well today.

  • Thanks eyes, my consultant is going to put me on his exercise bike and monitor it so we'll see what happens then.

    I had a full spirometry done also and my gas exchange 'TLCO' was the best its been, showing 36%. I felt pretty good about this until the consultant said it was probably down to the test being carried out by his new young blonde female technician who for some reason :) gets better results than any of the others. wonder what my heart rate was doing then. Ha Ha :) .

    I agree Swans and Jay birds are something special and luckily those swans were happy for me to get pretty close.

  • let us know how it goes and ask for a male nurse ;) just in case :D

  • Yes, safety first just in case there is a heart problem eh' . :)

  • oh yes :D

  • Hi,

    your heart should not be dropping on exercise, get it checked by someone who has some knowledge because a while back I kept having dizzy spells and felt sure it was heart related, Dr said no it must be inner ear. I bought oximeter and discovered when I stood up heart rate would go down, went back to Drs and saw a different one, and eventually discovered I have a condition called sick sinus syndrome or sick sinus disease, and now have pacemaker. Apparently a lot of people don't have symptoms with it.

    I now know that SSS can be caused by calcium channel blockers and beta blockers, and that seems to be the case for me as I already had Atrial Fibrillation and took blockers for that. I don't know what else can cause the problem, just sharing my experience in case its useful, and hope if it is that, you catch it before it worsens. One pacemaker later and lifes a whole lot better.

    Take care


  • Hi Carole, thanks for your post, I talked to my chest consultant yesterday and he's going to put me on his exercise bike and monitor what happens. I'll mention SSS to him and see what he thinks when I see him next.

    I did have a problem 4 years ago when I was in ICU for 2 1/2 months when my heart rate kept slowing below 40 bpm which was causing me to pass out. They put a temporary pace maker on me then.

    They eventually put this down to a blood clot/Pulmonary Embolism forming which came soon after.

  • Well lets hope your sorted sooner rather than later, and all turns out well for you


  • Thanks :)


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