Nearly there

Hi everyone, remember I had a temperature of 38 degrees last Friday, well it went down over the weekend and I didn't need to be admitted to Papworth for iv's. I went today for a check up because the Doctor wanted to see me because the infection count in my blood was very high. My spirometry readings were better and my blood infection count has gone from 107 down to 27. Doctor thought I had had a particularly nasty virus so if I continue to take care I should be O.K. now. Thanks to everyone who posted me showing their concern and sending good wishes. Take care, Love Lizzy x

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Glad your feeling better xx

Hi Lizzy good news all round then, glad ur feeling better. X Sonia x

Glad to hear you are on the way to better health. Enough wrong already you don't need imported gems too. Rib

Good news Lizzie - look after yourself, lots of love xxxx

ooooo Lizzie, I missed your last post, so sorry but I really hope this turns out well.

All the best, P

ps when's your next meeting? I was in Bury this morning and thought of you xxxx

Oh peeg, where have you been, not heard from you for ages? Hope you've settled in O.K. Our next coffee morning is on Tuesday, 11th November at the Regency Hotel, Looms Lane meeting at 10.30 a.m. Our next full meeting is on Thursday, 27th November at Southgate Community Centre, starting at 1.30 p.m. The speaker is Ian Toulson, talking about his travels on his bike. Hope to meet you soon. As you've probably gathered I've not been well, turned out to be a particularly nasty virus which is taking a long time to go as I still don't feel 100%. Take care, Love Lizzy x

Lovely to hear your positive news. You take very good care of yourself - wrap up!! :)

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