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Coughing blood after using salt pipe

My husband has COPD and has been using a salt pipe for a week. During this time he has coughed flecks of blood each morning. I do recall him coughing flecks like this maybe a year ago and the doctor telling him that it was nothing to worry about but, I'm wondering if the abrasive nature of the salt could be causing it? He thought it was doing him some good but won't use it now because of this. Has anyone else used a salt pipe and has similar results?

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I have severe COPD & have tried the salt pipe. I personally didn't feel any benefit, just made me cough more and not always productively. Haven't coughed up blood though. Could happen if the cough is hacking, I suppose. Hope he feels better soon.


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I'm afraid I haven't tried the salt pipe but I think you could be right about it being a bit too abrasive for your husband. I was told I coughed up blood in sputum because the lining of the lungs is so thin and delicate.

Would mention it to the doctor when you see one, huff xxx

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i have a salt pipe and have never coughed up blood. If it happened a year ago, before the pipe. It could be an ongoing problem or even a sign an infection is taking hold. Best to see a doctor.


I have just heard about the salt pipe and have been looking on the internet for advice and thinking I might give it a go even though I haven't found any plus comments on this site.

If I get blood in sputum I will go to the doctors


I used to go to the salt cave and found that it caused me to cough

I also was given a salt pipe for Xmas last year but haven't used it because of this reason.

I guess it's not for everyone and the blood is more than likely where the cough is putting strain on the throat as I've had this before with a violent cough. Get well soon :)

Best wishes



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