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Same shop Same thing happened but later?

For those that did not seem my last post regarding this. I went to the same shop again with my wife and was hoping not to have the same SOB on entry as before.

Besides the usual panting after getting to the trolley park and wrenching it out of the line of connected trolleys waiting for my token. We started to move around picking from our list (organised ehh :) ) me with my trolley zimmer plodding behind. Near the end of our trek we got to the goods door were the move onto the shop floor and bang my breath went to my socks again!

Finished the shopping and once back in the car I took a few mins to get to a normal level to drive home. Did notice the flowers were not as full so wonder if they are the problem now.

Be Well

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Definitely know the feeling! :( I just had to accept I cannot walk all around supermarkets any more. I don't have a husband or partner so it's very difficult, what with walking, lifting, bending, etc., etc.....loading the trolley.....I now order from Tesco online and it is a godsend....they deliver right to the door, the "shopper" has not let me down yet and they do not haggle if you return something....what a blessing! Stay well :)

shopping is my look at the outside world.

yes, I agree - it's just to much for me most of the time, sadly. Promise, I am NOT feeling sorry for myself :) ?

Have you had the same problem in other shops? If not can you avoid that one? x

not so easy as the few bits we get are the right price (Cheap) ?

:) You will just have to send the missus in on her own then Offcut :) x

But it is one of the few times I go anywhere bar doctors and hospitals. Stops me going stir crazy ;)

In the past 9 months I have gone from being able to do the supermarket shopping on my own,sans O2, through needing O2 to do it, now my wife has to load, unpack at checkout, pack into bags, while I stagger after pushing the zimmer trolley/O2 bottle holder and pay at the end. She then loads and unloads the car, I sometimes manage to carry one bag into the house.........however, it is beginning to look like I will soon just wait for her at the seats by the checkout, then I suppose eventually just waiting in the car........I long for Morrisons to start delivering in this area. Pity they cannot deliver the Flying Start breakfast though, I do sometimes enjoy going into the Cafe!

We used to go there on a Saturday with my mother when she was alive for the fish and chips they were always great to eat and good value. Depending on the time I would have the breakfast and they were so nice too :)

I do feel for you Offcut and it is awful when something like that happens. Pete has to use a scooter to go anywhere now and luckily it fits in the car boot. I have not noticed him breathless in our local supermarket but he does seem more breathless in general. It could be the flowers but is there any way you could avoid them? It would be a great shame to not to get out and do what you like to do.

I do wish you well and hope things turn out for the best. Take care xxxx

Thank you just hope it is a clitch?

Thank you just hope it is a clitch?

It's only 1 shop Offcut. You can get your fix by going in a different one even if you don't buy anything! x

it could 101 things that is causing the problem even to the time of year when certain blooms are about?

Hi Offcut as you know I try to swim up to 3 times a week and only this morning I said to him in doors I was going to drop one night that I just couldn't do it but what scares me if I give up one night will then give up 2 nights then 3 try and keep going we all have to go out and like you say its your chance off getting out.

Yes I know what you mean it easier to stop than start some things. I can no longer swim because of the paralysed diaphragm, I used to low a splash up and down when I could :(

This condition we suffer with is so cruel people don't realise what a massif impact it has on our life I will look at giving up 1 night for the winter and restart again in the summer good luck try to keep going

I will do just slower :)

That's the story of my life ''slower''

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