Moving on

It's hard to let go when we don't know why they're gone. It's natural to want an explanation, an understanding, something that puts their leaving into perspective. It's hard to move on when there is nothing but silence, or worse, a strangely formal way of relating, as though you made the whole thing up. But we can't put our lives on hold, waiting for an answer that may never come. Maybe they will tell us one day, or maybe they will never understand it themselves. It isn't that important. What is important is that we don't abandon ourselves in the heart of loss. That we don't make another's presence more important than our own. That we don't lock ourselves in a prison of our own making, waiting for an external liberator to set us free. If they have left, we have to leave too. We have to let the pain through the holes they left behind so it can find its ultimate destination. Because we have so much left to do. Our precious life waits on no one.

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  • Beautifully written ,very true.

  • It may help understand the future for others who like me are trying to do with 2 children and a young Dad just died out of the blue at 52 hoping we can move on in time.It fits for our understanding of life and may help others like us.

  • What a lovely message - just copied it and sent it to my daughter. Have a great day, lots of love TAD xx

  • That is lovely and so true. Thanks :) x

  • when l come to the end of the road and the sun has set for me, l want no tears in a gloom filled room, why cry for a soul set free..........Remember the love we onced shared, miss me but let me go.......

    When you are lonely and sick of heart, go to your friends that we know, and

    bury your sorrows in doing good works.

    Miss me-But let me go.

    Poem my hubby asked for as he designed his final farewell.

    Well 5 month on, it's harder than ever. But l salute my man's courage.

  • Prayers still ongoing for you

  • Thank you, small steps every day, bad days, good days but we have health and lots to be thankful for in life xx

  • Yes very hard especially at Xmas time, I hope you too find strength and support from friends and family

  • Dad died unexpectedly a week after Christmas when I was 12 having been ill through it. Went to bed Xmas Eve,sat, rushed to hospital on the weds, tests thurs, dead before results back. Mum was 52. Easier but never easy and it is now over 30yrs, 4 since Mum died on St George's day after I'd cared for her about 14yrs.

  • Sometimes we wonder why us, but we know that there are people dealing with far more trying situations, yes there will be bad days so we must grasp the good ones and enjoy them . In amongst those days let the sun shine on you and it will.x

  • Agree there. Many years ago I said When we say why us we are actually saying why not someone else. I still believe this and that some of the things we say that about we would wish on no-one, not even our worst enemy or in my case the nightmare of a family living next door

  • I deleted my first message because I had missed the point of a beautifully written message. Reading it again and again, it is so sensitive to what I am going through at the moment with Brian. I feel like framing it.

  • It is very special and the more that you read it comfort comes and it does help, its just hard trying to make sense of it all when your so caught up in it, very spiritual but up-lifting as well.xx

  • What a lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • I hope it helps others move on in life without fear or guilt xx

  • Beautifully written.

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