Halloween featured tonight on Strictly, X Factor and 'here on Healthunlocked'. Watch if you dare!!! Spook :)

Thanks to a new toy I purchased from Lidl supermarket called video grabber, I am now able to convert old VCR videos into computer files and transfer them to my computers Hard Drive.

I found this old video tape I recorded about 14 years ago of my Son and daughter with friends doing the Michael Jackson Thriller Dance on the local common and thought It was worth a post. Watch out for the young Zombie (my son) roaming amongst the professional dancers. :)

4 years ago I was laid up in hospital for 4 months and it was nothing short of a miracle that my life didn't end there but In those long 4 months my wife and daughter were at my bedside every day, my young son was never to far away, mainly sleeping in the ICU waiting room. Watching this old video not only made me laugh, it reminded me how lucky I am to have such an amazing family , they are what drives me to stick around for many years to come.


Our family's are our rock eh' Healthunlockeders.


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  • Fantastic, your son gave me the giggles, so sweet, Chris xx

  • Glad it gave you a laugh Chris, my son still likes his Zombie movies now and he's 18. This video is a reminder that he once starred in his own scary movie. Ha Ha.

    Tony xx

  • Morning dall, that brings back memories, me and my sister and friends doing dances to songs, we even did a whole show once and the neighbours ( we knew them well ) we made them pay to come and watch us lol, ur son did a great ( but cute ) zombie impression , he made me smile. x Sonia x

  • Hi Sonia, its good fun looking back at those fun days, I have hours of tapes in the loft so I'll have lots to keep me busy through the winter months eh'.

    I hope the movie wasn't too scary for you on Halloween weekend. :) Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa

  • : 0 : 0 lol x Sonia x

  • Hi Tony that was fabulous ....I love looking at old tapes of family days.Did you purchase your video grabber recently I have lots of old tapes I would like to convert .

  • Hi jeanielee, its great to be able to get these old tapes out of the loft and transfer them onto your computer for easy access. You can then easily transfer them to you tube or face book for friends and family's to see.

    I bought it from lidl supermarket for around £14.00 about a month ago and it works a treat. If you google 'silver crest video grabber' you may be able to buy one through the net.

    My sons 18 now and my daughter 23 so I have some priceless blackmailing material. :)

    Tony xx

  • Thanks Hon will try that site ive got lots of videos of the grandchildren at the beach and lots of sundays in the garden.x

  • I saw MJ's video Thriller for the first time on Heart TV yesterday- very impressed with this too!

  • I think the original MJ video has got some real competition now :) . Its a great video which has been copied by many kids I'm sure, my two with their friends did a pretty good job of it as well.

    Thanks Bonniedoubleu, its fun to look back sometimes isn't it.

  • What a lovely caring family. Four months in hospital is enough for any one to go insane, is great to have family to keep you going. I sometimes forget how much is done for me. Was the converter a resent purchase? I have old videos of my children it would be good to surprise them.

    Take care



  • Thanks Ohtwo, that hospital stay was made so much easier with my family by my side. It reminded me when things were getting tuff, what I was fighting for.

    I bought the video grabber only a month ago from Lidl.

    If you google 'Silvercrest video grabber' you should be able to find how to purchase one. Mine was cheap and works very well, you will need an old video recorder or camera to play your old tapes on.

  • Thank you so much



  • lovely thank you - a very talented bunch xx

  • Amazing! I too have old video that I would love to convert and I was only thinking about it this morning and wondering how they could be converted, so I will take a look at the video grabber. How wonderful for you to now be able to look back easily at the many happy times.

  • I will look for one of the video grabber's I have a lot of old video's of our daughter when she did gymnastics she did a floor routine to happy days and got gold and tubule bells in a competition

  • Brilliant video Tony and what a lovely lot of dancers there. You must be very proud of your family and your son was so cute. Family are great to have around and I feel very privileged to have ours close by. You take care and love to families everywhere. xxxx

  • Memories aye. :)

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