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Halloween Justice

Now Halloween is over how about this ghostly tale from the states:-

Curio #485 - Halloween justice

An amusing fact for October 31, 2014 from Justin Kitch, Curious CEO

My how times have changed. In 1873, a man was convicted of murdering his wife based on the testimony of a ghost. Erasmus Shue, a West Virginian blacksmith, claimed to have discovered his wife dead at the foot of their staircase. By the time authorities arrived, he had dressed the corpse in a high-necked dress. He then cradled her head so tightly the coroner could only examine the limbs. After the funeral, during which Shue acted erratically and insisted on wrapping a scarf around the corpse's neck, Shue's mother-in-law claimed she was visited by the ghost of her daughter. The ghost said Shue had beaten her regularly and strangled her in a fit of rage over not making meat for dinner. The mother-in-law badgered the authorities until they agreed to exhume the body. Sure enough, there were thumb bruises and a broken neck hidden by the scarf and high-collared dress. Shue was tried for murder, and the key testimony was the mother-in-law recounting the visit from the ghost and the eerily accurate information it provided. The jury needed only an hour to find Shue guilty of murder. Lucky for OJ, it's much harder to get ghost testimony admitted by the court these days. Happy Halloween!

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that's cheered me right up ant :D ,,jimmy :D


lovely story (obviously not for the victim) but glad she got justice thank you xx


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