I was trying to get some idea for holiday insurance with no luck, I have copd ,bronchiectasis, sleep apnoea and artial fibrillation so has you can see this is my problem, we were looking to go on a caribbean cruise before my heath get's worst, does anyone know were I can get some insurance for people with these things, hope everyone is in good heath..........

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Sorry I've never been out this country since I've been ill so wouldn't know what to suggest, but I hope someone can help u would be a shame to miss out . X Sonia x

Thanks Sonia1972

Sorry don't know. Disabllity services would have a clue.or the blf may.

Try Insure and Go, they cover me and my list of ailments. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

Thanks will try

Hi and good morning you could try saga insurance if you are over 50yrs I found them to be really good with people with illnesses good luck xxfireworkxx

I use Staysure for our two visits to out USA based Son & Tribe. I have Osteoarthritis , Osteoporosis & Moderate COPD. I am 76. My wife has high blood pressure well controlled by pills. Annual policy is £ 465 up 20% from last year because we are in a higher " age bracket ".

Saga quoted £700 ! Others £ £1,300 to £ 1495. They quote USA high medical charges as the reason for their daylight robbery fees.

I find it better to ring Staysure, their sales staff are excellent although the medical questionnaire takes a while.

Good luck with getting covered for your cruise!

I have to date been quoted £909 to £1430 but will be hitting the phone again soon to see if there is cheaper. I had a number refuse me too :(

This is a stupid amount of money to pay for insurance its as much as the holiday again

I am traveling without insurance. I used to think you HAD to have it , but apparantly not - which is just as well as I was refused insurance - or at least I was told they would insure me but the policy would not cover me for anything relating to my COPD/ Alpha1 / oxygen use - which would makes it pretty pointless really. The annoying thing is I keep getting promotional emails from those who refused me inviting me to look at there various 'products'! Cheeky buggers!

Hi Lyndene, I have the same problems as you, plus some more. I use Able2travel it is not cheap, especially if you have had holiday admissions in the past year. They are very good but be prepared to pay as you are going out of Europe. Good luck. Take care. Maximonkey

thanks all this helps me ....

Hi lyndene, I have just been refused renewal, presumably as I had made a claim whilst hospitalised in Spain in Mar. this year. Several companies refused but Staysure came up trumps and gave me an annual policy for just under £300.00 Good luck with your searching and hope you soon find some cover, barnowl

Thanks will have a look..........

I know a good website where I found a good car accident insurance company as well. But they can give you a good source too with regards to your medical/health related issues. It's called accidents-happen. You can go on with their website and find the best help you need. Good luck on your cruise. You'll sure have a good one!

Hi lyndene! Sorry to hear that you're feeling all these health problems. Anyway, about what you're asking. I want to recommend you this site (Accidents-Happen) where you can find a good list of insurance companies and professionals who can help you with your problem. I hope this helps and enjoy your cruise!

Hi MelindaWest thanks for that will have a look for next time as I have cover now .

try post office

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