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here we go . during the week I thought , what a great idea lets go to London and look at the poppies .

me the wife and couple of me kids .well now have talked me self out of it , two hours to get there , two hours to get back . need at least three hours up there to make it worth while .

couldn't carry enough oxygen . then wife aint happy about me driving incase I have another funny spell .

so now because we aint brave enough we are doing a nice safe trip on sunday to tiptree jam factory . that's only 35 mins away . when I read of some of your travels and things you get up too I feel like god wish I had the umph . anyway have a nice weekend all of you .x x

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Never mind the "umph" - you need to stay safe! I do know how you feel though but have learned over the years not to put ourselves into situations that create stress! So like you we stick to trips that my husband can enjoy without worrying! Enjoy your jam trip - it sounds fun. Take good care, TAD xx


Morning bill, considering I'm a sagitarian and I'm suppose to love travell even b4 I became ill I always been a homely person, enjoy holidays but I'm not spontaneous at venturing out, I'm 41 and never been to London and probably won't now either , to much hustle and bustle and not enough energy to be bothered, oh well enjoy ur jam factory, x Sonia x


It sounded too daunting and if your in danger of having funny turns, that is too risky anyway. I couldn't have done it and not through breathing problems but, fatigue with fibro. I tend to only go away if I can stay overnight now. I went by train to Leeds shopping with my niece, it's only a 20 min journey and less than 2 hours later, I needed to come home because I was knackered. It gets you down doesn't it?

Never mind though Bill, The Jam factory trip will save you getting in a sticky situation. Lol. (Couldn't resist that one. Have a great day. x


Since I started walking I have seen some special countryside and nature right on the doorstep that I did not know was there. I believe there is a lot to explore around us that we do not notice .... have a lovely time :)


That's frustrating. Maybe with more time to plan ahead you could do the trip another time.

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I was in London yesterday at St Thomas' and decided to go and see the poppies again. I am glad I went but it was really hard going. The walk around the Tower was absolutely rammed packed with people, even somebody like my husband, without breathing problems struggled. If somebody can tell me how, I'll post some pictures. It was and is very humbling and reminded me that I am lucky to be here and still have most of my health. x


Ohhhhhh I would love to go.. but, better safe than sorry :) (ugh) :(


Would love to see the poppies but am scared of catching bugs from those crowds. There must come a time when it will be easier.

I thought the display is on for four years.........or did I miss read.



You may feel better, Bill if you realise that the powers that be are asking people NOT to go this weekend. The underground station is closed and they don't know how they're going to cope with the crowds of people trying to get to see the poppies. Know what you mean though - have missed out on several trips with my grandsons this half term week. Hubby went along but I just knew I'd slow things down - not ideal with lively 4 year old twins!! Enjoy your jam factory trip - at least you'll be out and about.


I was sad that i couldn't see the poppies. I would have needed my buggy and the logistics of getting it to London .....but I went through the clips on you tube and the Tower of london website. All very good and very moving. xx


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