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Money whats that? Its only me with a little scribblet again :O !

Where's my mojo?

Where's my energy?

Doesnt make sense,Oh no!

I'm feeling good

Positive and calm

Reasonable happy, as I should

Lungs all good and breathing well

Boys are ok

Don't loose it now and start to yell

Just think a minute...

Ohhh yeah

Got no money init

Leccy on the way out

No milk or bread

Gonna be rainy and cold the tv shouts

Dark early evenings

Mother hubbard cupboards

Wanting sweet things..

Calm down missus

Only two days to go

Money will be plenty for all your wishes

Heating on,cupboards bulging

Bills get paid

A treat maybe,a little indulging

Fancy Chinese

Happy days again

Choccys for mum,yum,yes please

Money gone by Monday

Oh how we laughed

Its a funny old life I'll say,hip hip horay

Thats all for now folks

Breathe Easy

Be happy

:) :) :)


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yeahhhh right on in it :)

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Haha its not easy sometimes having to juggle constantly,I did have a small nest egg ,parenting spent that :P .Its the gas and electric is so costly these day or am I just getting moany? £60 per week at the mo and its not freezing yet havnt started with the heating really yet just the odd hour or two in the evening sometimes. Brrrr :) Janexx


Spot on , my life lately lol. X well put jane x Sonia x

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You know Sonia.Up until recently we have been small eaters but my sons the last couple of years are eating me out of house and home I cant believe how much they can consume,if I allowed they would easily go through 6 pts of milk a day ,Ive got 21 sons lol ( no not really only 2) is that a lot ? aloaf of bread a day.Now my David is going to the gym hes eating for 4 it seems .They are both skinny minis,so not fair I just look at a pastry and it jumps on my hips.I really dont mind if I have the pennies but sometimes its a struggle Peter and Paul and all that.Bless I love em greedy little people,I nearly swore lol. :) Janexx


Great one Jane, I'm a kept man now so know only to well the lack of cash in the pocket and the feeling of the monthly highs and lows of having money and not having money. The difference between chinese or beans on toast. My wife works but I'm on benefits street :) which is something I never saw coming 4 years back but now I've adjusted and I'm just very happy to be living a simpler life in the slow lane.

I'm breathing easy and happy so all's well en it' in this funny old life :)

Tony xxxx


Cheers Tony keeps are brains active writing lists and adding up.I think its the time of year use more gas and leccy and Xmas on the horizon .Mostly alls good just now and again. So glad your all good Tony,are you just waiting now for lungs or do you have more tests ,assessments etc? :) Janexx


Thanks Jane, all tests and assessments have been passed, abscess healed so yes I'm back live on the transplant list again and waiting for the phone to ring.

I think 'moneys to tight to mention, I won't even live long enough to claim my pension' :) well I've got 11 years to go so I think the governments on to a winner with me. :(

Mind you I'm doing quite well with my use of the NHS which is probably why there is going to be the short fall their talking about recently. oops!! sorry about that.

Keep those brains ticking over Jane xxx

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Oh thats brilliant hope you dont have to wait too long Tony.

I cant stop singing that song now, thanks :P

Aha so your the blighter ehh? :O

Brains ticking away never leaves me alone :P

Keep up with all your hard work as I know you shall.

Takecare breathe easy :) Janexx


Money talks. Mostly it says 'Goodbye' . . .


Absolutely I couldnt agree more,my mum you to say 'that money was the root of all evil' there is some truth to that .But we have to have it also.Hope your well stilltruckin nice to see you. :) Janexx


Hi jane, I know what u mean, I have 4 kids who do the same, my son I only have 1 thank god never stops eating, I know he has a heavy job and he goes the gym but where he puts it all, his lunchbox for work is a picnic for 4, and still wants a full dinner when he gets in cheeky bugger phones me when he's leaving work and says put the water on and start my dinner now, , anyway yes I'm always thinking sod it, food on the table , roof over my head essential bills paid , anything left after that is a bonus, x Sonia x

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Its all new to me when mine were younger all my friends kids were eating like it was going out of fashion but mine wernt.Its as if they thought they'd missed out and making up for it now thats for sure.Oh well I dont mind to much really. :) Janexx

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Hi Jane it seems we are all in the same boat we all have heating turned up to the max and food is a joke I don't know who makes up the prices.

Unlike some of the others who have posted it's just me and the old man but still I can't believe how much I spend on food, I worry more about the heating we have had a lovely warm summer and now I'm freezing the extra quilt is on the bed and the flannelette sheets are on the bed and all this just proves I'm getting old

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Yes I agree onamission the fuel prices are scarey,during the winter months my gas can shoot up to £45-50 per week,it used to be that for a month.I d love to be self sufficient where they have to pay me back.Thank heavens for cosy dressing gowns I live and die in mine and the boys now,sometimes its chilly but not cold enough for the heating so time to put another layer on! Takecare now :) Janexxx


Hi Jane what with hubby out of work for the last 5 years and daughter and grandson living with us savings have dwindled and treats are becoming a thing of the past still we're all healthy( lol) ands grandson is a delight so things could be worse

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