Smoking in cars - we won an award!

Did you see the amazing news?!

We've won a prestigious award for our campaign to ban smoking in cars with children on board!!

We couldn't have done it without you - so thank you so much.

Read all about it here:

PS - Sorry this is a little late - I've had some time off.

8 Replies

  • Great,a voice for the children!

  • That's really good news. I totally agree.


  • Well done!

  • Now all you have got to do is enforce it..... x

  • Shouldn't be a problem coughalot!. Looking forward to seeing this finally come into law, after everybody's hard work.

  • It was a worth while campaign well done.

    As an ex smoker I would ban them. Cannot see that happening?

    Well done

  • Talk about a nanny state!

  • next we want to ban smoking so many feet away from any doorway or open window, I felt insulted when my consultant inferred I should give up smoking first I never have had smoked in my life I had just braved the battle front of smokers so near the front door of the hospital and I told him that was why I smelt like a smoked kipper, it seems to me people diagnosed with COPD should be asked if they have or are smoking before they pass judgment.

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