It Is Me...Millie

It Is Me...Millie

Mummy says I have to writ somethink to all youse peoples cos she tinks you are naice and you mite like cheering up a bite and she says I mustn't call her Mummy cos she isn't reely.

Theer is Bobby and Eilis and me. Eilis is shouty all the time an her eyes stick out a bitt an she is a greedy pig. Bobby is aright reely he is bigger than me and Eilis and as wonky legs cos hes old me and Bobby go out with Daddy evrry morning ever so early for a walk. We go in the dark an I tink there are huge monsters waiting to eat me but Daddy says its jus a cow luking over the fence.

We are somethink called rescue dogs cos we didn't have naice peoples looking after us once but we don't remember that now.

Now we get naice food and lotsof cuddles an Eilis is allowwwed to sleep on the settee with Mummy even though shes quit a horrible sort of a dog reely with her shouting and she pushes me away from my dinner so I mak a growly noise in me throot.

I go out in the car everywhere cos I am very well-behaved an set quietly an I don't bite peoples. Bobby bites peoples an has to wear somethink round his noses so his teeths don't go into a peoples leg.

My paws are a bit tired so I tink I'll go and have a bit of a ly down.

I hopes you all are feeling not too bad today

Love from Millie xxx

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  • Well now, young Millie, you sound a really nice canine person. I would love to meet you and have a hug but not sure what my "Malcolm the Monstrous Mog" would say to that. It is so good that you look after your owners - we do love our pets, and you sound a really nice dog!! Tell your owners that they are so lucky to have you. XXXXX

  • Not sure what Millie would make of Malcolm the Monstrous Dog...she'd probably run a

  • NO, NO not a dog ---- a mog. xxx

  • Hello Millie, you sound like a very good doggie, my Rex would love to have a friend like you as he spends a lot of time not seeing other dogs!most dogs want to fight Rex they are big bullies aren't they? Bobby and Ellis are very lucky to have you around! If I met you I would probably tickle your tummy, just you take it easy and put your paws up! love huff xxxx

  • Poor Rex! Millie certainly wouldn't want to fight...and she'd love having her tummy

  • do you know Millie you have the most wonderful accent and beautiful face :)

  • She is a bit of a sweetheart even though I say so myself...!

  • Evening Millie u have been taught well, u write ur posts in a beautiful funny doggie style that makes u smile just like ur mommies does., hope to hear more of ur stories . Take care of ur owners x Sonia x

  • Millie will have more tales to tell I'm sure!

  • Lol - love it! :D

  • Pleased you enjoyed it!

  • Oh Millie, you little sweetheart, you've given us an incite into your daily life and it sounds as though you have a good one. Thankful you have wonderful owners now who look after you. With your "siblings" you will always have the occasional argument but it soon blows over. Give your owners a cuddle and a lick on a daily basis and they will always love you no matter what.

    hugs xx

  • Just as well Millie didn't tell about the times she rolls over and over in Fox poo which stinks to high heaven!

  • LOL I know that one, my Cairns did that, yucky and I've never smelt a smell like it.

  • What a sweetie you are. I'm sending you lots of hugs and kisses. xxxxxxxx

  • She does love hugs and kisses...!

  • Awww Millie aren't you just beautiful! I'm so pleased these lovely folks rescued you and I'm sure you appreciate and love them very much! xx

  • She is a sweetheart actually...never any bother at all.

  • Hi Millie,I have two Jrts,both rescue dogs,both smooth coated,so don't look as cuddly as you,Jack is very placid,and shouty when out,Lady is a real lap dog,they have been with us 6 yrs,they were 3 when we got them from a rescue in really do look so cuddly,

    You all sound very lucky dogs.

  • I'm writing for

    We've always had rescues and never a mite of trouble from them either...Eilis is just so horribly loud...I think she likes the sound of her own voice...Millie is so much quieter and Bobby only barks at the postman!

  • Awww Millie! I also have a shouty dog and a placid one too. They don't get out as much as they want to but I wouldn't want to part with them as caring for them keeps me going and helps with the depression!! You look after your owners now and as the others have said look forward to hearing from you again.

  • Hope you don't mind if I reply for's awful hard work trying to write like a

    They do help when you're feeling down and despondent because they don't judge you or tell you to get a grip of yourself!

  • So very true vashti!

  • Hello Millie you and your doggy family sound lovely your Mummy and Daddy are very lucky to have you for company we lost our best pal last year he was an old man but we miss him terribly so lots of doggy hugs

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