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Having been told if I get fitter and off the steroids I can have lung reduction surgery.Having been put back on aminophyline which now actually works and even finding the steroid reduction a lot easier I,m feeling pretty positive.When I got the phone call from the physio at P.R. To tell me my long term rehab class was back on having been cancelled because of staff shortages,I thought great,perfect timing.Went along on Monday,filled in some forms ,then the new physio took my blood pressure/heart rate "is your heart rate usually this high" says she"110?that,s not high it,s usually 120/130" says I." I can,t train you if your heart rate is above 100 at rest".My heart rate has always been high but it,s never caused a problem,the consultant said it,s because I breathe so hard.She even said a trainer at a gym would want a heart rate lower than 100 .So looks like I,ll just have to train myself.It,s does,nt make any sense,surely the only way to get heart rate to normal is by training.Once again the system has me baffled!Easy breathy! D.

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Hello Farmer, my heart rate is high 97-100+ just sitting here on the computer, sats 92, normal for me at rest, but could be after pushing a wheel-barrow full of wood up the hill to the house, vacuming , yelling very bad words out loud whilst moving seriously heavy ladder out of the way of my scooter in the shed so I could get it out ...and yours could be fast after coming off the steroids so you'll have to give yourself some time...are you on ambulatory oxygen like me? Ask the doctor next time you go, exercise being vital to you getting fit enough for surgery, lung reduction is a procedure I would be happy to consider, I read about a man in his late seventies saying he'd highly recommend it and he was happy traveling all over the country in a camper-van he'd bought,.... before the op he could hardly do a thing!, so good luck and I hope your heart-rate slows down enough soon and you'll be back at rehab! ,huff xxxx


Hi Huff,I only noticed my heart rate was high at my first P.R. When they did every bodies sats and they all seemed really low to me.It,s never below 100 but has never caused me any problem apart from one bad exacerbation when it went to 145 in the ambulance.As far as I know there is no medication that will bring it down so as I said I,m just " baft ".Take care.


Its a case of your dammed if you do and dammed if you don't I can understand you want the reduction operation that would help you a lot, have you thought about getting a tread mill at home Tony has one it might be worth asking him good luck farmer D


Hi Ona,my problem is space.My flat although worth quite a lot because of where it is,is actually tiny.Just finding a place to keep my scooter and wheelchair was a nightmare so any gym equipment would have to stay in our tiny garden which would annoy the farmers wife somewhat,lol.I have a set of weights and will just have to hope it does,nt rain too much so I can go walking.I will be complaining about this though as it seems so counterproductive(like making my own abacus lol).On another note I,m just wondering if the Korean Ginseng that Daz suggested I take is aiding the effectiveness of the Aminophyline that seems to be quite miraculous in its benefits.So I,m still looking on the positive side.Hope you are happy and well,take care! D.


Its worth talking to your DR about Aminophyline medications affect people in different ways your blood pressure is high and this would have to be taken in to account before any operation.

Coming off steroids is a good thing and I'm sure that will be one more goal under your belt.

Exercise in winter is a nightmare and even if you went to a local gym you would have to tell them what your medical needs are I do know if you have a gym run by the council your GP can give you a gym prescription that is one way around it.


Ask the PR people if they run or know anywhere that runs Pulmonary maintenance exercise classes.

Gentle yoga &/or tai-chi are both good diciplines for getting heart rate down .... but discuss your condition & goals with the instructors first. Both can be free .... check it out down the local leisure centre.


Thanks out- for- lunch,I,m going to check everything out as I,m determined to get fit enough for my surgery,or heads will roll,lol. D.

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I have a feeling it's to do with the steroids ,what a good thing to come down from them,you will be all over the place trying to balance your body out again, cleansing time ,get them out your system.forward on to the next thing,hope all goes well for you.


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