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Aa you know from my previous posts I have had c.o.p.d for many years, well I went to see my gp last week to ask about my indigestion, but I got more than I bargained for, she took my pulse and announced that my pulse rate was 140 & my heart rate was erratic , I was sent for an ecg in the surgery & was ordered straight to hospital, I stayed in overnight & have been put on warfarin with more tests to follow,it has been a bit of a bombshell.

Best wishes to all Mike71

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  • Oh blimey Mike71 didnt you just! Mind you, was a good thing you went by the sounds of it eh.Please let us know how the tests all go.Try not to worry to much, easier said than done I know.Take great care now,breathe easy :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane,thanks for sending a post, I'll keep you posted,

  • Well done to your GP for finding that, and lucky you Mike. Its a good thing it was found and can now be treated as who knows what may have happened had it gone unnoticed.

  • Thanks I was lucky they found it Dall05

  • Good luck to you Mike and hope the treatment helps. Must have been a big concern for you but at least you know what you are up against. Wishing you well. xxxx

  • Thanks for your comments Sassy 59.

  • It must have took you by surprise Mike, but your lucky your docter is on her toes. Many would have sent you packing with some gaviscon. Your in the best place, so take it easy.

  • You are right, thanks for your comments.

  • Get well soo. You are in the best place to get the right treatment. David1968

  • Thanks David 1968

  • I hope you get well soon. you are lucky they caught it .

  • Thanks for your comments Tinamg

  • Scary I bet but like the others have said in the best place. Hope your home soon and well. Take care x

  • Thanks Tracey,

  • Thats a bit of shock Mike - good job you went to the doctors. Let us know how the tests go and please dont worry you are in the best hands now. Take good care, lots of love TAD xx

  • Thanks Tadaw I was lucky

  • Have they said if it is AF? With an erratic heart rate Warfarin is the best way forward to prevent other nasties. I have been on Warfarin since 1992 and treated for AF and tachycardia ever since. I have a oxymeter with pulse on it too. Which gives you a good idea of what the heart and lungs are doing. When it cannot read my pulse I know I am having a wobble. ( I do not know it is always happening but I have always been strange :) )

    Any questions no not hesitate to ask.

    Be Well

  • Thanks offcut, if I get any questions I'll be in touch.

    Best wishes .

  • Do hope you are OK now...it might be arrhythmia of the heart, which I have had some years now, and I take 4 pills a day and that takes care of it.....so hopefully your diagnosis will be as simple as that. Take good care of yourself - let us know how it all goes. :)

  • Thankyou Louisiana for your kind message, I will keep you posted ,


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