ready to itch

hi its me again ,the old midnight rambler,

had me angiagram yesterday . well the funnyist bit was a had to shave .

there was me sat on stool trying to shave nuts , well what with the rotten shakes I get and the fact I cant see them , disappeared under belly long ago . I made shuch a mess there was blood every where , wife nearly wet her self laughing she still is because they went thru the wrist .

have done really well tonight ive dozed for just over 4 hours so chuffed .

I hope you don't mind me writing one message to all . it takes me so long, if I answed each message ,well.

well speak to you later just of to utube to laugh at silly bits . lol x x x x

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  • Oops bill what a shame ( sorry but I am chuckling to myself ) baby talc helps with itching, enjoy ur funny video clips. X Sonia x

  • You did make me laugh. Glad you are feeling well, just leave that split on as told (if you had one)!

    Hoping the news from the angiogram was good. When I had mine done they let me watch what they were doing, fascinating to see your heart and this thin "wire" going through.

    Good wishes to you :-) xx

  • I've just turned on my computer and here I am laughing my head off at you cutting your balls (sorry - I hope it didn't hurt :( ) You have certainly started my day off with a smile :) You keep feeling great Billl :)

  • You have a lovely way with words,at least you didn't have to shave your wrist haha

  • Had to laugh at your post Bill, hope your tackle is in better shape today after it's experience of the razor.

  • You are the best Bill you say it as it is, your wife must be giggling most days! So glad it went well for you yesterday, Thank you for making me grin from ear to ear. Best Wishes Mogworth

  • Thanks for the laugh Bill = ( BLADERUNNER )

  • Surely a job for a pretty young nurse Bill?

  • Bill, I htought a nurse would do this, usually. At least she can see what's she is doing! Hahaha! I hope you're mended!

  • that is a funny story Bill thanks for sharing and for bringing a smile to my face..hope ur feeling ok..roo-roo

  • :D

  • very good laugh. thank you. do hope you get better

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