A Little Ole Scribblet

Wide eyed and bushy tailed

Normal mornings Ive always felt frail

How can this be

Is it me

Dont complain Jane

Rejoice at no pain

No panic and gasping for air

Calm and relaxed out of my window I stare

I wonder about this me thats changing

Iam still me but just rearranging

Life is a series of passing moments

Some good others challenging with many components

I cant change yesterday or even an hour ago

I can improve learn and grow though

Of course I still have emphysema and the rest

My growing wholeness have given the lungs a new zest

Just thought I'd share with you my friends

Thank-you for listening,love to you all I send

Thats all for now folks

Breathe easy

Be happy

:) :) :)


30 Replies

Thank you Jane. Inspirational.

Thank-you eightyplus,a day at a time.Keepwell and thank-you for your kindness. :) Janexx

Hi Jane. Just what I needed as a kickstart! Been so down in the dumps with this hellish illness.

I too can 'improve learn and grow' Thank you.

Hope you are keeping as well as you can.

Love Sara xxx

Hi Sara good for you we all have the ability.Iam feeling so much better mentally aswell as physically,still early days still learning.We are definitely challenged greatly with this illness.I cant explain exactly but I just seem to have a different mindset with me and my lungs and health generally,I feel very positive and have a sense of well being.It is all new to me but very profound that I could start to feel as I do.Iam so thankful as it has helped me deal with some difficult times recently.I do hope you can find a way out of feeling down in the dumps very soon im sure you will.Sending you peace and huggles Sara :) Janexx

Jane that's lovely :)

Thank-you kindly eyes much appreciated.Its good to share :) Be happy and keep well :) Janexx

Nice to hear and read your wise words, L.L. Keep well x

Hi pergola bless you.Hows your Brian doing? I so wish you peace and strength. :) Janexx

Thanks, L.L. I wont say a lot since this is public but Brian wont be getting better. Just a question of time. He gets up and dressed but difficult to control the pain. Another 111 last weekend. xx

I hear you pergola and you are both in my thoughts.Takecare again sending blessings and strength. :) Janexx

Thanks, L.L. I wont say a lot since this is public but Brian wont be getting better. Just a question of time. He gets up and dressed but difficult to control the pain. Another 111 last weekend. xx

That was a lovely poem. X Sonia x

Hi Sonia thank-you for your kind words.Arnt we lucky to have here to share with each other. :) Janexx

That is so lovely.xx

Well thank-you kindly mustcarryon,I do like a scribble lol.How are you at the mo hope your keeping well? Takecare now be happy and breathe easy :) Janexx

Yep one day at a time,we never know what tomorrow will bring.enjoyed reading that.

You know that redted cant be worrying about whats not happened yet .Its a grand day today and Im hoping for the same tomorrow :) Im glad you enjoyed thank-you.Keepwell and be happy :) Janexx

Great to see things are improving for you Jane and life is a little easier now.

Tony xxx

Hi there singing man :P .Yes change is definitely afoot its all a new experience Tony and all great,dont get me wrong there are always boulders to climb and get over,but im dealing and coping in a different mindset.I have always been so good at complicating things,and analysing everything,its so much easier not to my load is so much lighter now.

Wonderful news Tony with being back on the transplant list,do you just wait now ? I hope its a short wait.You so deserve this you have worked so hard. Keep blinking well keep smiling cocker :P Janexx

Really good post - you are a very talented lady! Stay positive and relaxed, lots of love TAD xx

Hi TAD what a lovely thing to say ,thank-you.Words bounce around my head sometimes and voila a little scribblet is born haha its all fun though thats the main thing.Hows you doing at the moment?Hoping your hubby is still keeping well? Yes I will something has definitely been triggered in me and I like it alot,never too old to learn,Ive always been a bit slow ahhh lol better late than never though I say. :P Takecare Tad see you soon keep smiling :) Janexxx

I'm doing OK - thanks for asking. As I cross my fingers and touch wood - my husband does seem OK!! The oxygen has been fantastic - he uses it when he starts to be really breathless and it has almost alleviated the panic attacks. As part of my sons degree course he is studying a creative writing module this semster - he has found he has a bit of a talent too. Keep those scribblets coming! Take good care, TAD xxx

It sounds as those words have given us all a lift.Lol

How cool is that everyones a winner then redted,we all need that lift sometimes.My youngest son came home from work the other day singing the praises about somebody ,saying how right they were and how meaningful it was! Id been saying the same forever but Im mum and what I say falls very often on deaf ears,is the way it is as long as he has got it now is what counts doesnt matter who from.Lol :) Janexxx

Jane nice to see you back and on top form.

Hidehi onamission how the devil are you?Nice to see you too,Just quickly i did send a link to you about a week ago,but having looked i think I cocked it up Im good at that lol,will try and get son to do it for me.Ive found it hard sometimes to get to pm just wont allow ,'the puter it say nooo' haha and me being a bit of a mincemeat brain I too say 'nooo' to then and stomp off haha!.Have you now had your spinal block and have some relief i do hope so?

Im all fat and full now had apotato cheese and onion omelette velly tasty it was,onions dont like me but i like them cest la vie. See you soon takecare keepwell and be happy :) Janexx

No spine block yet I should be on his November list I bloody hope so getting out of bed is no joke I'm like a 80 year old oh well at least my body has caught up with the lung age lol.

I have not had the link but look forward to it take care oh by the way I had garlic chicken Kiev it was lush.

Oh blimey hurry up november!It doesnt seem fair that the wait between is so long,keep badgering them,people shouldnt suffer so much.

Mmm yum I like kievs too they are lush.Got chilli tonight nice and easy,seems fitting for todays weather which is cold and wet and already getting dark brrr.See you soon takecare :) Janexx

My eldest Son now 50. Often says he thinks about my pearls of wisdom that I used to say to him,and say one day you will see I am right. He now agree's that 9 times out of 10, I was right.

Aint that the truth, bless their little big cottons . :) Janexx

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