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Another danger from smoking

TORONTO – A Colorado man suffered life-threatening injuries Sunday after jumping out of a vehicle to avoid being burned by a lit cigarette.

Aurora police said the man was backing his vehicle out of a driveway Sunday when he reportedly dropped the cigarette down the front of his coat.

According to NBC News, the man got out of his vehicle, which was still in gear and rolling when it knocked him to ground and rolled over his head.

He was rushed to hospital and police said the unidentified man is expected to survive

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Bit of a drastic way to stop smoking! lol

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I've never smoked ..... Alpha-1.

So there I was about 4 years ago, sunny day, roof down, sterio on, clear road .... lovin it.

Then a ciggie butt came through the roof & landed on my lap - probably thrown from a lorry I'd just overtaked.

Eek .... burnt my wotsits like hell, burt the seat & I had nowhere safe to stop. Poured bottled water on it, so I then looked like I'd had an accident.

Not my best day ..... for a non-smoker.


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