Cops just caused by smoking?

I was told last January I have eemphysemai quit smoking eight years ago but was a welder by trade so I was still breathing in nasty fumes also worked with. Polymers more nasty fumes my question is has anyone else worked in this kind of environment and got Cops I'm 42 now and can't work in my trade anymore I also find it very hard to stay indoors due to lack of fresh air.

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  • Hi, Yes, I have Bronchiectasis and two years ago told I have scarred lung and mild emphysema.

    I was a road Markers worked with spray and thermo plastics 6 days a week.

    I left that job after an accident 20 years later and took up tanker work long haulage chemicals.

    I gave that up after a few years and started my own business as a lawnmower engineer, Grinding dust petrol oil fumes etc..... my condition got worse.

    I now don`t smoke, don`t work but eat well, exercise and keep warm.

    I hope to see my great grandchildren, I am 62 and look forward to being 92.

    Do the right things, and there`s no reason why you could not be playing with your great grand kids.

  • I haven't seen you on here before, so if you are new welcome! If not, welcome ayway! :) I smoked since the age of 17 and am sure my COPD emphysema is from that...none of my family have a history of lung problems but none of them smoked :p Now of course, any kind of fumes, dust, whatever, absolutely plays havoc with my cover your mouth and nose whenever you think a fume or particle is coming your way :x Grrreat you are no longer working - now you need to take care of yourself, and I am sure you will have a long and happy life. :) Best wishes :)

  • Hi Louisiana thanks for the reply I'm just on here a few months my first post I don't really know what to do next do I just concentrate on my health or try and get back to employment I went back to college in September but found I couldn't breathe in the lecture halls ,it was too much so I gave it up do I just have to face reality that I will probably not work again due to emphysema or is there any other options thanks for your time.

  • have you thought of online studying? Lots of people do that now....worth looking into. Open University, e.g.....ask your local council, library, click on Studying at Home and see what it brings up?? TRY not to worry about not working for a while...concentrate on yourself, and feeling better than you do now. I do know how utterly frustrating it can be - much more for you as you are so young. I was one of those that charged around doing all sorts of things, and now look at me....I almost crawl (arthritis and osteoporosis and lack of breath :X Great fun :) :) :p But, you have lots out there for you to choose from once you get your breathing sorted out. Are you telling your doctor all of your problems, are you using your inhalers properly? - I discovered I wasn't - learned that at the pulmonary rehabilitation clinic (have you been on that?) - if not, definitely go on it!!!!! Ask at your surgery. Ooops, here I go, nagging again, but I suppose I am allowed at my age :) Keep posting, asking questions, trying to stay positive, etc., are lucky to have been diagnosed early as there are so many opportunities for you to be well these days. Take good care of yourself.......I'll keep watching out for your posts and checking up on how you are and what you are doing. All the very best, :) :) :)

  • Thanks for the reply a I'm a bit confused as what to do should I try and start a new career (if I can) or concentrate on my health as they say health is your wealth.

  • to be honest, your health HAS to come first...what good is anything when you don't feel well???? Why not write down lists of everything you are querying, thinking about, what you want, what you don't want etc., and then compare them all....this might help. I tend to write loads of lists, but that's because my short memory is shot to pieces :x ) Take care and good luck. Have you got friends you can talk to about all of this, as far as future employment, studies, etc. go ???? :)

  • yes i did weding /burning ,worked in heavy industry all my life , i am retired so trying to get back to work does not affect me, mind i must point out i did smoke for close on 50 years which didn`t help

  • Hi denma 1972 I have c.o.p.d due to my job, I used to work, in a factory making alloy wheels, I was in the finishing dept. where they were powder coated then went through the ovens to be cured and I used to sand all the defects on the surface of the wheels, so I was breathing in dust through the rubbish paper masks they supplied us with, have since learnt that they should have been air fed masks ( full face ).When i left there I was ok, but i smoked so after leaving there started to deteriorate and have since been told after having a C.T. scan that I have holes in both lungs top and bottom. Best Wishes Mogworth

  • Hi mogworth looks like we worked in similar environments the thing that bothers me the most I gave up the cigarettes eight years ago but kept breathing in nasty crap and only found out that I have copd after leaving the company that poisoned me for ten years I feel I have left my family down as I can't work now and probably am now never going to work again how could you pass a medical now .anyway at least I know it's not just from smoking.Thanks for the reply.

  • Hi Denma 1972 Could you not claim off this company, so that other people don't have the same problem, and you could be much better off and not worry so much about your family's future, you should not have this on your conscience, you should be concentrating on your health. I could not claim off my ex company as they flattened the factory made everybody that was left redundant and went to South Africa to do the exact same thing to them. I do have every sympathy with you, not being able to work, especially when you want to, but do not beat yourself up about it, just enjoy your family and life! Best Wishes Mogworth

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