Copd at 33!!!

Copd at 33!!!

Hi every one I am new here I was diagnosed with emphysema and chronic bronchitis this July, I have some questions If any body can help : I did 3 pft all of them are normal with diiferant rang but my chest ct scan reveal emphysema at both upper lobes with bullae at lift upper lobe 5*2 cm but my doctors doesn't feel worry they just told me to quit smoking but I have to much pain in my chest like tightness and some times if feel my chest if inflated from inside and feel itchy feeling in the throat and some times body aches and a lot of burping.. Is this all related to copd and doctor said I am in mild stage.. Will I DIY soon or what, I have 2 kids and looking for them. And please if any one can help my how to quit smoking I already try every thing and I still smoke ... Thank you all

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  • Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. You are young to be diagnosed with COPD as it is normally those over 40. The good news is you are only mild. Whilst the disease is progressive you can do a lot to halt it or only progress very slowly. These are the things you must do to help yourself:

    1. Stop smoking. COPD will progress faster if you carry on smoking.

    2. Try and eat healthily

    3. Exercise

    4. Take any meds religiously

    Following those steps will really help you. You also need to take your lungs seriously - if you think you have an infection or exacerbation no being brave about it, you need to get yourself up the doctors as these if left can lead to more damage.

    The good news is you have been diagnosed very early and have every chance of leading a long a healthy life. I am sure others will be in soon with their advice and reassurance. This is a very good site and we all help and support each through our various lung diseases. x

  • Thank you very much I

  • Hi and welcome. I was diagnosed with similar to you, my right lung is very bad with bullos emphysema, left lung has got some to.

    I had aches and pains and tightness.

    I quit smoking, started eating better and started exercising.

    Diagnosed in 2010, I am not on medication and feel a whole lot better for taking the second chance at life and especially for stopping smoking, it's the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Go through the pain barriers, it's worth it.

    Education is everything with this disease, get a lung function test done and consult with your Gp for the next steps.

    Don't start googling Copd as you wil get the wrong advice, stick here and ask loads of questions.

    I am classed as very mild stage one with a Fev1 of 82%

    Davi 1968

  • Yes my fev1 is rang from 86 to 92 and my fvc/fev1 rang from 102 to 97

  • "Dallas!! Hello to you...Coughalot as said what I would have said to you...I was Diagnosed a few months Back with Stage 4 COPD...And Dalla's you asked for support with stopping smoking. Yes!... well the day I was told I had this awful Disease I stopped smoking.. Not cause I was clever.. in fact I was too scared to ever put a cigarette anywhere near my mouth. The thought of it made me want to choke...and as Coughalot as already advised you.. eat healthy!!..... Exercise!! ..take and respect all your medications so seriously...and most all ..For this is the beginning of your forever... and Forever is Not the End... its your Beginning...... Sweet dreams keep so safe ..Megan."

  • Thank you so much

  • You can quit,cuz you have to, simple as that. I smoked for 40 years and really enjoyed it but Doc. said either quit or die. I quit,hardest thing I ever did miserable for about 4 days but gets better quite fast.. also using some sort of aid like a nicotine patch really does work. the craving come in waves and only last for about 5 minutes and they get easier and easier to deal with. make it a day or so and it gets better, when the craving hit just take deep breathes and laugh at how miserable you feel. that did work for me

  • I will try nicotine patch .. I promise and thank you so much

  • do not promise me, promise your self i quit about 6 years ago and sometimes still miss smoking a little (not to often anymore). use to really enjoy the smell of tobacco but it now makes me ill. I quit more times then I can count, almost daily took a long time but finally won and now feel better then I have in 25 years, true, no bs for sure am ,68 now and am planning on many more years.

  • Hi Dallas, welcome , firstly no ur not gonna die soon, well not from copd anyway, as u are so young u can halt the progression by doing everything recommended by others, if most smokers where tested they would probably have mild copd but just don't get diagnosed cuz it doesn't cause much problem. Ur young ur not on any meds your best thing that u MUST do is quit smoking, it's hard but well worth it so keep trying, u've come to the best site with fantastic people who will gladly offer support, advice and tips, and even a giggle, if u do google this illness only go on sites like the nhs, good look quitting and look forward to hearing how u've got on. Take care x Sonia x

  • Thank you so much you words already give me big help

  • Don't know if you've read Allen Carr Easy way to stop Smoking helped loads of people I know. Good luck finding your children and stopping smoking. Welcome to the site x

  • Thank you I will try to find this.

  • You absolutely must stop smoking. Don't buy them, end of.

    If you want to live healthily, have a nice life with your children then you've no choice but to stop.

    Your gp practice should help.

    Just do not buy them! !!!!

  • Yes my gp order me to stop but the strang thing he never give any meds

  • So...... did you stop? Tell us some good news. :)

  • Hi Dallas Nama

    Very interesting post. You asked how you can quit smoking - I will tell you - just quit. I quit two years and two months ago - I had tried everything under the sun to quit and finally I got all the letters from my friends together and letters from my doctors and had them in front of me and then I smoked as much as I could like almost an entire package - the night before - and the next morning when I woke up I took my lighters and the rest of my cigarettes and broke them in half and threw them in the garbage. That was two years ago and two months - I have never looked back and I don't miss them at all.

    I have never wanted to smoke again - I knew I had COPD and I knew it was going to kill me so I quit. You say you have little children - that all my itself is a reason to quit. Just look into their eyes and tell yourself you are going to quit and then do it. COPD is very very serious and it will kill you if you keep on smoking. I was told the day I quit the body starts to try to repair itself and it will. I no longer cough and go once a year for my tests on my lungs and it is getting better. I have joined an exercise class and go three times per week.

    You can do it my friend. give it a try and then email me and let me know how you feel.

    Take care. blondoa1

  • Thank you so much for these wonderful words

  • Hi Dallas and welcome to the site. You'll get good advice on here from people who know what they're talking about. We're all scared when we first get told, but, now you've found this site, you'll soon calm down.

    As for stopping smoking, you'll do it, the stress of worrying every time you light up will help you. There are many methods of doing it. I used an ecig, not everyone's cup of tea but I'd tried everything else going.

    Champix, from the docter, has had a good success rate on here, maybe you could try that? Whatever you choose, you'll get lots of support on here while your doing it. x

  • Thank you I will do my best to quit

  • Hello Dallas-nama - welcome to this will be sooooo pleased you found it, as everyone on here suffers some way or other with our lungs and we can pass information on to one other, sympathise with one other, laugh with one another,and even nag one another (at least I tend to do that at times, but haven't been barred from the site yet :p ) I am much much much older than you (you are younger than my children) and I smoked for 51 years. I thought I would never be able to give it up but when I became really ill and was diagnosed I just knew I had to do it. Actually, I felt so lousy I didn't like the idea of drawing in smoke! :x Because I have arrhythmia of the heart I was told I could not use patches or anything else so had to just stop smoking. It was difficult, but to be honest it was nowhere near as terrible as I thought it would be. I just had to stop having coffee, tea, using the phone for a while, sitting at my desk, other words stop doing the usual things I did with a fag in my mouth!!! It wasn't the withdrawal from nicotine that was the problem, it was the usual actions when I always smoked that drove me mad tryng to do them without smoking. Popping tea biscuits in my mouth helped (don't tell anyone I said that :) ) Hope this makes sense. PLEASE stop smoking, no matter how much you want one. By doing that I am sure you are going to have a long and happy life with your children and, how could you not want that??? Does a few days of wanting a cigarette mean more than years and years with family........NOPE!! (not in my eyes anyway) I soooooo wish I had known all of this when I was y our age. Keep doing what your doctors tell you, keep smiling and YIPPEE! you will be OK.....take good care of yourself, and again a big welcome. Cheers! :) :) :)

  • Thank you so much madam your words was a real help

  • That is so young 33 I was 42 when I was diagnosed with COPD and like you I smoked 20 plus a day.

    I loved and really enjoyed my cigs and the thought of giving them up scared the life out of me. My daughter took me to a quit clinic well dragged me kicking and screaming it was like a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

    When I got to the clinic they were fantastic I had total control over the situation I was given a choice of methods patches, gum and champix. I chose champix because I could still smoke while taking the tablets, I took them at night before bed and by 14 days I had given up smoking.

    I put weight on food tasted fantastic after about 6 months I started to swim and build up my fitness level that was 10 years ago today my lung condition is worse just because I have had the flu several times I hope this helps you

  • Thank you so much but unfortunate we don't have quit clinics in my country so I think I should relay on my self

  • You should go to your GP and ask him about champix reports say you are more likely to start smoking again if you don't get help and support

  • If you have kids and any interest in watching them grow and eventually making you a Grandpa, then that should be motivation enough to quit smoking; there're many ways to do it but what it amounts to is developing the will/backbone to simply put the filthy spikes down and never pick one up again nor let anyone in your home take up or continue the habit if they already have it.

    All you're doing is enriching some gluttonous pig gazillionaire who couldn't care less about you as a person..., kinda like your friendly neighborhood dope peddler.

  • Thank you so much

  • Hello Dallas nama, welcome to the site. You are young to have COPD but as they say illness has no age factor to it. Try your hardest to give up the smoking. I tried twice eighteen months first time and now since November 2005. The last time I went on the NHS supported quit program and used nicotine patches. Try too avoid situations where you would usually smoke, given time you will no longer think like a smoker any more good luck.

  • Thank you I will try these patch tomorrow I hope it will help

  • Hope you are trying the patches they do help at first but are not a long term solution. Some people prefer the nicotine gum. You do need help at first it is not easy. Some people use chewing gum which is cheaper but does not look nice if your always eating. But then again its better than smoke smell or damage to your lungs, however the dentist won't approve (smiles). One day at a time is the motto

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