the very smart poacher !!

Late one evening , a man leaving a lake with two buckets of fish, when he's stopped by the gamekeeper," Excuse me sir " says the gamekeeper " but i presume you have a licence to catch fish ?" The man smiles " No. i haven't, but these are my pet fish!!"

"Pet fish" the gamekeeper replies incredulously.

"Yes every night i take them to the lake and let them swim around for a while. When i whistle, they jump back into their buckets and i take them home"

The gamekeeper frowns, "My ass!!" he scoffs. "This i've got to see".

"Okay", says the man raising an eyebrow, and with that he turns back to the lake and pours the fish into the murky depths.

For several minutes the pair watch the water surface, until the gamekeeper gets annoyed. "Well ?" he cries, "when are you going to call them back?"

"Call who back?" the man asks innocently.

"The fish, off course."

"Fish?" says the man,,,,,,,"What fish?" :D :D

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Hi jimmy u swallowed a joke book lol, keep em coming they make me smile . X Sonia x

oh that was a good one . shall pass that on .

You do make me smile with your jokes.

Clever,like that Lol


:D excellent lollollollol

Very good

Love it Lol thank you xxx

Brilliant! :D xxx

glad you had a wee smile folks, thanks for your posts,, regards jimmy xxx

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