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Is bronchiolitis hereditary?

Hi, im new to this website and would just like some advice. My 3yr old daughter has spent the last and out of hopsital a few timea due to chest problems. We have now been sent away with inhailers and anti biotics as they cant be sure if its an infection or ashama, her xray should dark parts on both lungs.

After speak to the inlaws i have found out that my daughtera grandad, great grandma, and her great great grandad have all got broculitious. Is this hereditary? My head is all.over with this at the min as just want to get to the bottom of my daughters illnesa now.

Sorry for the long message :-)

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'Asthma usually runs in families, either on the maternal or paternal lines.

Bronchiolitis does not run in families.'

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How worrying for you and absolutely awful to see your little one poorly. It might be an idea to ring the BLF helpline and ask the nurses their advise, I am sure they will be able to answer some questions for you. Lots of love to and a speedy recovery to your daughter. xx


Oops just realised i put bronchiolitis but meant bronchitis x


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