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hi ya just found out how to put real name on , I was tobydoo witch is my dogs name now its mine [ bill ]

so chuffed sitting here on couch again , over did it today . but had great day so well worth it . got a big day tomorrow a few of my kids coming round to dinner , sorry that's today now aint it . I do love a sunday roast . mind you it takes us all morning preparing a meal for 6 . said to wife I love going out to dinner so she can be waited on but nobody cooks like her . I forgot to mention I was given another card to carry all the time . the hospital gave me a oxygen alert card .that's 4 cards now I susposed to hand these over when they come and rescue me. good job wifes here I normally aint got a clue whats going on . well good night all . xx

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Hi bill, I do love peoples site names, but apart from the obvious ones and the few with pics, sometimes I don't know if it's man or women I'm speaking to lol as occasionally answers may differ regarding sex and age. Anyway enjoy ur Sunday roast ( I'm having one today, it's suppose to being cooked for me but I know half way through ill end up finishing it off, only like my gravy anyway. ) take care x Sonia x

you're supposed to be cosseting yourself Sonia!! :)

I know yeah but a Sunday roast is worth getting out of breathe for , once prepared the meat takes a couple of hours so I can rest between lol, even got crumble and custard for pud. X Sonia x

Oh!!!!!! I haven't had a roast in absolutely ages (just can't be bothered to cook one for myself) and as for crumble and custard....I am dribbling. ENJOY!!!!!! :) I'm feeling a bit grotty so going to bed for a while......got a young friend and her 5 yr old daughter and their Labrador puppy coming on Tuesday for a couple of days and I so want to be well for that :) Fingers crossed :)

Hello Bill - have a lovely day :)

Morning Billl..... You put an extra letter at the end - what the 'ell was that for? :d x

enjoy that roast

Hi Bill, can smell that roast cooking from here, what happened to the yorkshires and that thick gravy ?? Malk:

hope you enjoyed the roast bill :) ,, made me jealous thinking about it :) best of luck bill,,,,jimmy

Bill, I'm chuffed for your little achievement; very nice; and your big dinner. goodie goodie! I had a Dover sole toady with red cabbage and spuds and a dollop of mango chutney! Apart from the chutney, everything was home cooked.

Hi bill, hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed all the hustle and bustle of family being around you. Roast dinners are lovely and it is great that your good wife is a good cook too. Lucky you. I do my best but am not a keen cook. Take care and stay well. Carole (sassy59) xxx

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