Looks Like my holiday adventure on a train to Spain is off!

I thought I would get an idea what my holiday insurance would be for my train trek to Spain next year. I know roughly the train and hotels and all was looking in budget allowing for the increase etc. on the year. So rang my last insurer who refused me but recommended another who also refused me :( They did say this one will not refuse you but will ask more questions before quoting. So Off I went and it was a form and a half they went though my connected illness's treatment Asked me do I need O2 for flying I had to keep telling them that is why I am using the train! But in the end they did say it it sort of makes sense if I had to go home quickly I would fly with O2 probably? They gave me 3 options with different amounts of cover and excess this was for 14 days cover!

Quote one: £909.50

Quote Two: £1076.06

Quote Three: £1413.52

Looks like a cruise on the local boating lake now :(

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  • OMG! no wonder these people can go to work in nice shiny company vehicles and work in nice shiny offices paid mainly by the likes of us. I tried to get life life cover so there was enough to plant me when the time came £1,500 rising to £3,000 and I had to go for a full medical cost £200. My impression in the end was that the state looked after me and they can pay for the funeral as Lord Beverage was known to say about Nye Bevens new Health Service. Care from cradle to the grave.

  • There are funeral plans out there but get the quotes from 3 you will be amazed at the price differance

  • nothing surprises me now offcut nothing I think they are trying to bleed us dry while they can

  • Sure looks like it :(

  • Hello Offcut, you won't believe this I just came off the phone, after trying to renew my health insurance. I've already booked hotel and Flight and Travel insurance runs out 30th Oct. Came on here to ask advice about what Insurance Company to use. You must be feeling like me, in tears and fed up. Not only do we have to put up with this *b* illness we can' to travel to warm climes where we feel relatively better. I am so sorry for you and hope someone comes up with a new company that will be better. Glad to see you can manage a smile at the end. I have been with this insurance comany for years and because I added Bronchectasis they will not insure me at any price!!!!

    Can I ask what conditions you have? I do not post very often, but I do read the posts. I recognise your name but not sure of your condition. I have Emphysema and Bronchiectasis using just 2 inhalers at the moment. Just to add, they would cover my husband who has Asthma, COPD has had a heart attack, diabetes oh and choletrol. Just so shocked about it all.

    Hope someone comes up with a better deal.

    If I find one will let you know.

    Best wishes Barnowl

  • Ok here goes Had Heart attack in 2002 Diagnosed with AF in 1992 had Bronchitis/asthma most of my life. I have Restrictive Lung disease with Fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, Angina, Tachycardia, Reflux,Hiatus Hernia (Coughing to much) Arthritis,Gout, 3 compression fractures in my spine. Awaiting another sleep apnoea test and been warned not to fly unless they test me first. this and the 14 prescriptions a month did not go down well it seems? I was in ICU 32 days with a severe Lung infection 2008 and the wife told twice I was not going to see the night though.

  • Oh offcut, that's disgusting, being Ill is bad enough without us having to miss out on things too, hopefully u can sort something for next year and enjoy ur travels. X Sonia x

  • HOW MUCH !!!!!!! bloody hell - :(

  • Hello Offcut, since reply just now have been able to get cover from Staysure for £292.77

    I don't know if you have tried them, but it is worth a try considering my insurance would not cover me at any price. Wishing you all the best Barnowl

  • I will try them I think the multi problems do not help me.

  • Rotten luck, offcut! Half the fun of having an adventure is in the planning, at least you managed that free. Wishing you all the luck there is in finding another insurer will to insure you at a more reasonable price x

  • My last one was £165 in 2010 but I was not diagnosed with the RLD then

  • Try all clear insurance I got a better quote recently just to try it out. My husband has oxy gen for emphysema, lung cancer cured, Parkinson's etc. A week in UAE was quoted at about £350 and annual about £980 which sounds much better than you got

  • Will do I have not given up yet!

  • Before you give up. try

    ". Just Travel Insurance "". Tele....0844 4770606.

    My husband has several problems inc heart...as well as my conditions. ......they did us proud.

  • Thanks will do.

  • Hope it goes well for you.

    Do you have to go to Spain. ?????

    Last December we went to Cannes by train.

    We got a great price of £119 return each...and that

    was from London. St P.

    Once in south of France it was only a hop across to Italy for some great shopping.

    Although there are some good fares around the same price to various cities in Italy.

    We intend doing that journeyin thenext year or two.

    Plus insurance might be about easier to get.


  • it seems France is under the same Europe status. I know Spain is one of the most cost risk places.

  • Stay sure and Bought by Many

  • I went to Kenya about 4 years ago the travel insurance from the holiday would not insure me so I went to Tesco they insured both the old man and me for the same price as a single trip as travel agent insurance.

    If your going to Spain are you not covered by the EU form not sure what its called now but it is free I hope you get something sorted and don't forget our stick of rock

  • Sort of but it seems Spain is forgetting that and you end up in private. Their nhs is broker than ours.

  • That is sad but our NHS is only in a mess because the world and his uncle can use it without paying I do hope you find a insurance company

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