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Phyllocontin causing a big problem!!!!

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Has anybody been prescribed phyllocontin continus 225 mg prolonged release tablets Aminophylline Hydrate? I was given these tablets at the end of August this year and was told they would help keep my lungs open. I was told to take 2 in the am. and 2 in the pm I was only taking one in the am. and 1 in the pm. my heart rate rose to 126 bpm to 132 bpm which in turn made me so breathless. I was so distressed and scared, I did not need this on top of c.o.p.d. I rang my Dr who told me I had anxiety problems, all he wants to do is put me on antidepressants. I told him I did not need these at all. I have stopped taking the phyllocontin now. I have also been trying to do a p r course and could not understand why I was having so many problems. now I know that it as my heart rate that was holding me back. when I have asked for advice nobody seems to wont to know or help! Can anyone give mean advice? Best Wishes to all!

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im on that too and only take 1 on a morning and 1 on a night.....your suppose to have blood tests to see if you need this

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Thank you for your reply Mandy 1365, I did have blood tests while I was in hospital, but that was back in august, I am due for a blood test, but have been to breathless to do this, they say you have to have one once a month to check on your levels. I have now stopped taking these tab. and I feel much less breathless already. I am due back for an hospital appointment in the next few weeks, so I will have to wait till then for some real help. Best wishes Mogorth.

I take one in the morning. It seems you are taking a lot !

Thank you for your reply, I have only been taking one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. I was prescribed two in the morning and two in the evening because they are a slow release tablet which lasts over twelve hours but It is 225mg per tablet. Best Wishes to you Puffthemagicdragon

Hello Mogworth,this is very poignant.After having pneumonia 2 years ago my consultant put me on aminophyline.I did,nt notice any benefit and my heart rate seemed to be very high,125/130 so we decided to stop them.Did,nt notice any change not even heart rate.Recently referred to the BROMPTON new consultant put me back on aminophiline and it,s like I have sneaked into a new body that has better lungs!I can now walk 10 times further before having to stop for breath.Myheart rate is still high but I think it,s the breathlessness that is the cause rather than the other way round.One thing I have learned about lung disease is there seems to be no logic,to a lay person,so nothing makes much sense.I have very severe emphysema.We are all different and our condition changes constantly so you should discuss your medications with your doctor.Good luck! D.

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mogworth in reply to FarmerD

Thank you so much for your reply and I am so glad these are doing the job they are supposed to, I wish they were still good for me, but the difference in my breathlessness since I have stopped them is amazing! Best Wishes to you Mogworth!

I have been taking these for about four years and they are an. Important part of my treatment for COPD. I am and I pm only but I know that I need them, they make a big difference to my ability to cope with the copd.

Thank you for your reply Eve 3066 I am due to go to Papworth so shall be discussing it with them, but for now I feel I need a rest from them as i am so worn out being so breathless for so long, and since I have stopped my body feels rested Best Wishes Mogworth

Hi mogworth I have been taking thee for over 10 years now was given them for bronchospasm,they relax the airways and help with inflamation.I take 2at night 1 in the morning,was told recently this was the highest dose? I think you are wise to have stopped for now until you can be checked.It is a very toxic drug and the correct dose is very close to the toxic dose which is why we have blood checks.My daughter had asthma attack many moons ago and was given this and it made her violently sick and then panic.We are all so very different for sure.Goodluck at the Papworth. :) Janexx

Thank you so much for replying, so grateful for your input, as I was beginning to think it was me, as my Doctor is a G.P. nice guy but is not the person to ask. You have put my mind at rest until I go to Papworth. Best Wishes Mogworth

1 in the morning 1 at night 12hrs apart and was told to keep to the same brand by the pharmacist not to accept cheaper generic tablets plus I was given frequent blood tests to make sure it was the right dose and to check toxicity.

good luck with Papworth

Thank you for your reply, I have not been able to get to have a blood test as i have been so breathless with my heart rate so high, now its gone back to normal I shall go for one on Monday. Best Wishes Mogworth, P.S. Love the motor bike!

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