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Confused COPD

Good Afternoon Guys,

I am a tall skinny 6ft 2 guy, and recently had a chest infection that took 3 lots of antibiotics to get rid of. I had an x-ray and they said I had very slight Hyperinflated Lungs. My doctor advised me to go have a Sprimetry test but I cannot get an appointment for another 3 weeks.

I paid today to go to a private clinic whic in my view was a waste of time as the machine they had was electronic and did not look to proffesional but until i get to go to have a proper one done these reults are all i have. I am worried sick that I have COPD, the doctor said I did not from the results and I do not understand how to read them any help would be appreciated. (Like I say i did not trust the machine)

I blew 4 times my Fev 1 readings were 80% 78% 84% 87%

Fev1/fev6 = 0.72 or 92%

FVC6 = 5.37 OR 96%

He also made me blow on a flow cone ? for asthma to test this and this came at 650 which again he said was fine

I am so worried please could someone help to ease my mind or tell me straight if I have COPD



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Only a doctor can give a diagnosis, jayspurs, and I'm not a doctor! Going on those results, I don't think you've much to worry about. Keep healthy x


your doc said you did not have COPD and those results look good to me - ring the BLF help line 03000 030 555 - I am sure they will be able to explain your results to you.


Hi Justin, looking at ur results they are really good and the results of a normal healthy person, so based on them results I agree with the doc. And spirometer tests are done on electronic machines. Hope this easies ur mind, if I'm wrong I apologise and sure others will be able to give u more advice x Sonia x


If the machine you used was reliable, the others are almost certainly right about your results Justin. I'd kill for those results ;)

I'd get your GP to look into alternative antibiotics. I spent years using amoxycillin and needing usually 3 lots before an infection would clear up. Now i get a different one - augmentin, which is amoxycillin with clavulinic acid all in one capsule. It apparently activates the amox for people it won't otherwise work for. And of course there are other ABs. Another thing to speak to the BLF helpline about :)

Good luck.

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You don,t say how old you are,, but with these test results you are fine,,most people even healthy ones will pick up some form of a chest infection in there lives, i think the more you worry, the worse you think,,if you smoke,,please stop,,i bought a jar of lollipops,,every time i fancied a fag, had a lolly,,soon cured me because the smell of old stale smoke and people smoking turned my stomach,,hope your infection soon clears up......


Hi everyone and thank you all for taking the time to reply. I am 35 years old. The machine was a small digital machine called a copd6 are these results normal as i worry so much as i don't really trust this tiny little machine it was handheld portable that's what makes me worry, but just so i remain calm until i can get a proper appointment with my doctors

is it really really ok. I gave up smoking 2 weeks ago when i got the xray result will never go back this has scared the s###t out if me. You lot are fantastic and i am in ore of your bravery and the way you support each other and new folk like me. Thank you once again, whilst i am new u hope to contribute in whatever way i can

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Good luck Jayspurs. I don't think the spirometer will be too far out if it's not completely accurate.

Try not to worry, easier said I know. Hang on to your cash for a bit, then if you do get a diagnosis of any kind you can get a private CT scan which gives an excellent picture of anything going on in your lungs.

Call the BLF helpline for reassurance from the experts. 03000 030555 mon-fri 9-5 the cost of a local call.

Well done for quitting the cigs

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keep an eye on things though my problems started with one of my lungs being a little over full and within a year i was told i had copd...............im not saying you will im just saying look after your lungs and always see the doctor if you see changes x


Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I have to agree with the others - those reading look good to me and are not in the COPD range. Blowing 650 is great and I would say you are above the normal for your age. I am lucky to get around half that. Try not to worry and wait for your NHS test.

coughalot x


Good Morning - I am not at all medical but those results look pretty good to me! I dont think you have too much to worry about. As others have advised try the BLF helpline - the nurses will help by giving you advise. Take good care and dont worry! TAD xx


Thank you all for your kind advice and words of wisdom, you lot are fantastic. I have an appointment with the Nurse on Wednesday to carry out another Spirometry test so hopefully this will either settle my mind if positive or lead to further investigations if negative. The reason I am so pesemistic is that when I was 23 I had a pneumerphorax (badly Spelt). My right lung is stuck to my rib cage, this is the side I am currently getting pain from, coupled with the fact my lungs are slightly hyperinflated and its taken me over 3 weeks to get rid of a chest infection. So hence the parnoia, I have not smoked since the x-ray, I walk 3 miles per day. I am hoping that Wedesday test will be a success and aliviate my fears, but on the balance of things I feel the negatives outway the plus's and they may find something. Thanks again Justin


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