Wishing you all a Great Day!

Even when you are relatively well with your lung conditions - it is still a burden to live with every day. This morning as I lay trying to sleep my husband (who has always got up early than me!) started to stir and his first chore every day - to clear his chest! As I lay there it occurred to me that it is a very big burden to carry each and every day - don't want to dwell on that and give you all too much sympathy!! BUT do want to wish you all a very easy day. Lots of love TAD xx

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  • Thanks TADAW - I try just to see it as just part of the routine of getting up and going to bed. Glad that I live on my own from the point of view that it is not a pleasant experience for other people to hear!

  • I suppose you just get used to it! and in the scheme of things I suppose there are much worse things to listen to than coughing!! Take good care of yourself. xx

  • You're very kind Tad. I do hope you look after YOU too! P xxxx

  • Hope you are keeping well peeg - I just love that dog we have a lab but he is an old boy now and a "red fox"!! Such fabulous dogs xx

  • :) Freddie is 9 next March. Got arthritis in hips & knees, a bionic hind knee (£5500, was insured at the time)! but he still does the harrier jet jump all the time. Thinks he's still a puppy - memory loss?

    edit: sounds as though I could be describing my spouse too because Fred's a pain in the proverbial but I wouldn't be without him. P xxx

  • Too true Tad, I'm fine lay down but once I sit up and get moving the coughing starts and its cough, splutter and heavy breathing for the next hour until the chest is cleared, not much fun for us but also it ain't a lot of fun for others around you to have to listen to either.

    After all that singing and walking yesterday my breathing is very good today so I'm off to fit to breath class in 10 minutes where I'm gonna show the instructor Libby how its done, well for the first minute then I'll be hanging on for the next 59. Ohhh those sit to stands, how I love them :(

  • I wish!!! xx

  • I bet Libby trembles when she sees you breezing in!!!!! Enjoy xx

  • IIt is a big burden to carry, to look after our husbands, Tadaw, but we wouldn't be without them. Agree with all you say - that is why we come on this site to chat, have a laugh, whatever. Love you all for being around. No, not a nice day outside but that is the time of the years. xx

  • It is a burden but you just get on with it don't you?? And absolutely I wouldn't be without him. This site is such a great place for support and helps you feel less isolated. Time to keep warm and germ free! Take good care, TAD xx

  • Very kind TAD and I do know what you mean. Pete has to go and do his nebuliser first thing every morning and get the mucus up. I do feel for him especially with his other problems too. He will see the cardiac doctor on 4th November to see if he has sarcoid in the heart muscle and is still waiting for his back to be sorted out. I feel for everyone of you lovely people out there and wish you all well. Take care with winter approaching. Lots of love, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lets hope the cardiac doctor can help. He must be sick of it all! Hope you are coping OK, lots of love TAD xx

  • I'm doing ok thanks TAD and we just try and get on with things. You take care. xxxx

  • Wish youa great day Tad xxxx

  • Thank you Rocket 777 xxx

  • Thanks tad, and praise to all u carers/ partners, kids, not only is it a burden to us but to u too, not only does it restrict us with daily life but stops us doing normal activities as a couple and a parent, with our friends, I'm not to good at the mo but wishing every else a good day, and if ur poorly like me get well soon. Take care all x Sonia x

  • Take care Sonia. Rest and take it easy and hopefully you will feel better soon my love. Thinking of you. Lots of hugs

    coughalot x

  • Big hugs back coughalot, and thank u, I've taken all my meds and my nebuliser I'm snuggled up in bed on my phone just chillin, take care x Sonia x

  • Oh Sonia I was hoping you had started to feel a bit better. Wishing you the very best and speediest recovery. Just rest and look after yourself, lots of love TAD xx

  • Thanks tad, just can't seem to pick myself up at the mo, everytime I feel better it knocks me back down. I'm now having to write stuff down to my kids and hubby as talking makes me cough and it bloody hurts lol, I Can't cry anymore as it hurts and I can't breathe, can't laugh as it does the same so I just plod on with a stupid grin on my face so as not to bring the rest of the family down with me, but between them and everyone on here giving so much love and support that smile I have is genuine. love to u all. X Sonia x

  • Sonia - have you had a doctor to see you? xx

  • I did last week they listened to my chest and said it sounded like the infection had cleared but I think it's made another appearance so I've started on the anti biotics again will see how it goes if I get any worse or don't improve I will go docs I promise. X Sonia x

  • Please Sonia especially as its Thursday! You may need different antibiotics? Lets hope by tomorrow you feel much better and if not you have a plan! Take care love xx

  • :) xxxxxx

  • Get well soon Sonia. Thinking of you xxxx

  • Thanks sassy. X Sonia x

  • Sonia what you describe is how I am feeling too. So I sympathise with you and hope things improve for you soon, M x

  • Ditto M, horrible ain't it, hope u feel better soon . X Sonia x

  • have you been to the docs lass - keep warm and cosy.

  • Hi eyes Im defo snuggled up, just can't get the warmth quite right I'm either to hot ( no fever) or can't get warm enough can't win lol oh well see if the doxycycline helps. X Sonia x

  • Take care Sonia, sending a gentle hug and that you will have a restful, not anxious day.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks rocket, how's u today ??? Thinking of u. Take care x Sonia x

  • Well done TAD and all the carers here. It must be difficult for you all watching a loved one suffer like they do. All power to your elbow :)

    coughalot xx

  • You just get on with it coughalot!! It is like anything you wish that you could help more and take the suffering on board yourself. Have a great day xx

  • You too TAD.

    coughalot x

  • Thank you Tad. I have just done a ten mile hike to the mountain and climbed it then ran all the way back. I did all that without leaving my bed. Imagination is a wonderful thing. lol.

    As Peeg said, make sure you look after yourself as well as your hubby sweetheart.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Ah Bobby those were the days!!! xx

  • That was lovely bobby, out mind is a great thing, I seem to be down with something horrid, only finished a/b's Tuesday, just ordered in a take away curry, hoping that will frightened the bugs away, hope your well and ok bobby x x.

  • Hiya Medow, I'm fine at the moment thank you. I'm afraid curries don't agree with me, I'm a fragile child. lol. I hope you feel better soon.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Hoping you feel better today medow xxx

  • Omg were you ever that fit Bobby and TAD? :d

    coughalot xx

  • I played in a badminton league for twenty years, Even fleas were jealous of me. lol

    Bobby xxxx

  • I believe you ......................!!! xx

  • I wasnt even that fit in my dreams!!!

  • Nor me TAD by a long way :) coughalot x

  • Ha ha do fleas play badminton then? :d

    coughalot xx

  • Thank you very much TAD - I am just glad no one hears me, as I am on my own (much as I would like not to be on my own!!) :p :p Have a great day :) :)

  • It is a big burden on all of us who have the illness and on our poor families who have to stand by us and do the things we can't do anymore. I know that most of them do it with love and devotion ( like you and Sassy do Tad) but it's not easy. The support from family is very much appreciated.

  • Hope you are keeping well Argana xxx

  • Hope you are keeping well Argana xxx

  • Thank you TADAW! It is a burden, but often of our own making! We make the best of it!


  • Been wondering how Freddie was going on Peeg - so pleased you're coping with his little habits!!!

  • I have been feeling to tired to do anything lately,we have to carry on it takes me a good couple of hours in a morning trying to get al the mucus up,i am always on my own hubby has his own life,I go shopping and that's it thank goodness for my lovely 4 legged friend

    ,kids have their own lives,son is gone to Australia and the family is going next Wednesday,I don't know how I am going to feel as she keeps my spirits up.Its a long way to travel I don't know how I would cope on a plane all that way with copd.

  • It becomes more difficult when the seasons change! My son spent six months in Oz at the beginning of the year - he loved it but glad he came home. A friend of my husbands with copd went to Australia - broke up the journey by spending a few days in Singapore but did go with her daughter. She did love it and enjoyed the visit. If you really would like to go - have a chat with your doctor? Hope you start to feel a bit better soon, take good care of yourself xxxx

  • Thank you Tad,you are very thoughtful and your husband is very lucky man to have you around.I hope you remember to be good to yourself aswell.Regards D.

  • Thank sadly now I am always good!!! Xx

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