Plumbob Update

For those who have shown an interest (don't know why !!!) but after my trip to the consultants I am pleased to let you know that the nodes in my lungs are not sinister :) :) however he stated he has never heard of anyone to have so high a ferritin level ? ( Complex he called me !!! :/ ) So he has referred me to some specialist and hematologist at the RVI hospital in Newcastle :) Hopefully fast tracked though he did say most of my issues can be drug controlled but each drug has a side affect so he wants to make sure he is giving me the correct medication before prescribing anything ... As always I'm still smiling. :) :)

Funny thing was as I sat wheezing and coughing in the waiting area a woman kept looking over her shoulder at me in disgust due to my coughing whilst my wife checked me in....when my wife returned I said to he in a loud enough voice for the woman to hear ' Thats the last time I'm going to Nigeria' the woman promptly picked up her bag and moved seat well away from me !!!! :D :O :D

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I like that reaction, plumbob. I am very conscious when I cough which isn't so often on the azithromycin, but have to cough!! Note your comment about side effects. I am on two new drugs (not chest related) Both promise constipation and weight gain. Not good news for me!!!

Good news! Glad to you have such good medical care. I love your response - I am sick of the disgusting looks my husband gets when he starts coughing in any public place. xx

good one, you should have said sierra leone

Hi Whit at the time something had just been on the tv screen about Nigeria being clear of Ebola :) But know where your coming from :O

Oh Plumbob you are so wicked, but very funny. Glad you still have your sense of humour and hope that you do get the right medication. Wishing you well. xxxx

Very glad to hear the good news Plumbob. Very funny over the woman.HEHE xx

that was pure evil Plumbob but nothing short of what I would do myself lol :D

Good news then plumbob, and nice reply to a very ignorant lady, maybe we should start tutting and huffing when people cough there germs on us and make us even more ill than neccasary, why do people do that in hospitals and doctors surgeries obviously were there cuz were not well dahhhh, oh well glad all went ok for u and they get u on the right meds. Take care x Sonia x

That's good news Bob well so far anyway. Fingers crossed for the rest. Maybe that woman had lung problems and was thinking how dare anyone be in public like that and taking the advice of staying away from anyone coughing and wheezing? Good on you for your reply though :d

coughalot x

brilliant :)

Well said, that man! And I am glad you are being looked after and monitored for the new drugs. Keep smiling, Bob. x

You naughty man :-) you made me giggle.

Glad you are being looked after.

polly xx

Thanks for making me laugh today!!! :) Hilarrrrious :) :) Although I must admit I always give people a dirty look when they start coughing and spluttering all over the place, but then, they rarely cover their mouths!!!!! :x :p

What great news Plumbob, that must have been such a relief. I'm well happy for you. Your docter sounds very competent and caring. As for the coughing fit remark, Why, you little monkey,hahaha. Mins you, it's a good job you weren't on a plane, someone said something similar on one a couple of weeks ago and all hell let loose apparently. Lol. I bet your wife went scarlet. Take care. x

Lmao at last para - you naughty boy but I like you :D :D :D

Well done on all and loved the response.

I went to hire a people carrier many years ago and was asked have I any mental illness's? The devil in me came out and I turned to the empty seat next to me and said "You have a few problems don't you but I do not think you will count as I will be driving!" All with a straight face. After a Short pause to saviour her expression I told her I was joking! I am sure she was not 100% convinced when she handed me the keys. :)

Be Well

Oh Plumbob you make me laugh and Offcut I'm pleased all went well and I have to say the hospital in Newcastle is fantastic your in safe hands at Newcastle mate

Love it! That was such quick thinking. What does she expect, you are all in a drs surgery? Once when I was in Sainsburys' I had a terrible breathless moment. I had just put my shopping in the car boot & I almost collapsed with the strain. Then this woman leaned out of her car window to ask if I was ok. How kind, I thought. Then she added 'Did you smoke?' The sheer stupidity and insensitivity was just incredible! I wish I could have been as quick as you with some appropriate response. Well done!


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