Singing and walking is good for us, 'I hope!'

Well if its true then I'm well on my way to becoming an olympic athelete after today. A cold wind was blowing outside so it was time for some singing (making sum noise :) ) to exercise those lung muscles and then I got brave and put my walking boots on and ventured outside for my local lakeside walk.

Oh yes the camera followed me around again so you have been warned!!!!

The stars of the videos are the Heron and the Morgan 3 wheeler car definitely not the crazy guy killing a very good Neil Diamond song. He He.

Healthunlockeders, we have got to do our very best to stay fit to fight the winter bugs so I'm showing you all how its done, all you have to do is join in and have a little fun with it too. :)


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  • As ever awesome !!! Take good care xxx

  • 4 for the price of one tonight, special offer to all healthunlockeders. :) . Just watching the Quo on the red button, Rock on Tad! I'm doing alright now, rolling down the dustpipe line na na na na na na just getting the air guitar out right now. xxx

  • Thank you for sharing your day.....inspirational

  • Wasn't a bad day was it and my breathing has been very good today so I can't be doing much wrong can I. My mission is to get people doing as much as possible to help improve their situation. Thanks knitter :)

  • My friend and I are planning our next walk. We have climbed Latrigg, walked a 6 mile stretch of Hadrian's wall and now we plan to venture to Crow Crag (the isolated cottage Withnail and I visited). Its a 4mile round walk but its fairly hilly. Hopefully will venture there in early 2015. Nothing beats the feeling you get from achieving a little goal.

    Good luck - I may sing on my way there! Although I fear Chris may not come with me if I do!

    You remain an inspiration


  • Brilliant Marie, I now how hard those walks must have been for you but also the good that you gained from them. Like me you probably have learned how to pace yourself which is the secret to achieving these goals.

    4 years ago after being stuck in a hospital bed for 4 months my goal was to walk to the ward room door, since then my goals are a little more difficult but the feeling just the same when you crack them.

    I've never thought of singing while out walking but there's good reason for that, well you've heard me haven't you. :)

    Good luck with Crow Crag Marie and don't forget your camera so you can post a few pics.

    Tony xx

  • Well, I didn't join in the the singing because I am not on my own but I certainly enjoyed you singing the song. I have a thing about Neil Diamond. UNfortunately he hasn't looked my way. Believe he is in the country soon. I attended a carers' meeting and they introduced laughter yoga. I felt fairly stupid doing that and had to pack it. It set me coughing.

  • Neil Diamond has a great voice which no one can copy, especially me but I don't claim to be able to sing, as you can tell I do it to improve my lungs and have a bit of fun with the Healthunlockeders.

    Like you Pergola I think laughter yoga would be a step to far for me and that's saying something ain't it. :)

  • You make me smile

  • Great!!!!. I don't seek fame and fortune which is just as well eh' , just like trying to spread a little fun around in my own sometimes crazy way. :)

    Tony x

  • I really thought that Neil Diamond was in the room Tony! Seriously though, your singing is not bad at all and I do love the videos you take. What beautiful views and lovely walks you have. The Morgan was a nice sight too.

    You take good care of yourself and look forward to some more photos and singing soon.


  • Think I bit off more than I could chew didn't I trying to sing a Neil Diamond song but luckily I only do it for a laugh and to promote the fact that singing is good for our lungs and breathing control.

    If I am ever lucky enough to get a transplant maybe I'll get a voice at the same time too and the long suffering Healthunlockeders will get the break they deserve. :)

    The Malverns make filming very easy as there's lots of great places near to my home so I take the camera on most of my walks just in case something crops up. That Morgan came right on cue didn't it but then the factory is only 2 miles from there. You could order one if you like, there only £25,000 and for that you only get 3 wheels and no roof. :) . I guess the fresh air could do us some good eh'.

    Any requests for the next tortuous song Ha Ha. xxxxx

  • You do really well Tony and I hope you get your transplant sometime soon. You do live in a beautiful part of the country so taking your camera out is a must.

    I would love a Morgan but sadly cannot afford one. Maybe another time.

    You take care and what about Sweet Caroline or a bit of Englebert next?

    Thinking of you. xxxx

  • Awesome Tony, how do you do it?

  • All it takes is a little creativity and a whole lot of madness. :) . One day they'll find a secure place for me if your lucky enough.

  • well I was singing along with you there and loved the shots of the heron - a couple of days ago I was walking through the village and a very large bird flew close over my head slowly going along and I saw it was a Heron - stood there with my mouth open for a while :)

    I have walked about 3.5 miles today - was only gonna do a short walk but you inspired me :)

    I am toying with the idea of taking my cam out and videoing part of my walk if you don't mind me stealing your idea.


  • If your going to video your walks then you'll have to include a song too. :) . Well its part of the deal eyes Ha Ha.

    Herons are so different to our other birds and stand out when in flight with those big hooped wings of theirs. I was very close to the one I filmed but didn't see him until he took off so I only got the chance to film him across the other side of the lake which was a shame but I'll do better next time eh'

    I'm glad I was responsible for your extra mileage eye's, that's what we do here isn't it, inspire each other.

  • Thanks for the song and vids Tony -I sang along with you! :) And I joined in (kinda) with the lovely walk over the common where I was mentally singing to myself 'All I need Is the Air That I Breathe.' Ha! Well, that much is true for us all. Keep singing...Lovelight x

  • I think you need a very very good set of lungs to sing that Hollies song, just thinking about it is making me puff. I'm glad I got you singing Lovelight as that was my reason for posting the video.

    Keep singing and you may get more of the air that you need. :) . I think it really does help improve things. xx

  • As ever I enjoyed your singing and the views on your walk your so lucky. I have been to the local hospital today for my PR assessment I will start the course in the new year I'm having difficulties walking any distance at the moment so I hope this course will put me back on track.

  • The singing's not so good but I give it a go as its good for the lungs, it helps with breathing control and is fun at the same time.

    You'll enjoy PR onamission, you will improve your overall fitness and knowledge of your condition which can only be a good thing eh' so good luck in the new year. 2015 will be a good year for you I'm sure. Tony

  • Thank you I'm looking forward to improving my fitness this year has been hell with infections and all the other things we put up with, I must say my level of fitness was quite good last year you just don't realise it.

    The area you live is beautiful and that makes it worth while going out and about as you know we have a dog and have some nice places near by so by the time I have done my PR course I will have a spring in my step take care

  • Ah ! You have a karaoke machine. I sometimes think of singing to exercise the lungs but don't know all the words to anything besides Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer :) Anyhow, loved your version of Cracklin Rosie, will look at the other videos after dinner.

  • Hi Argana, No karaoke machine, just 'you tube' any song 'with lyrics' and go for it. :) . I did my best with that great song but the important thing is my lungs got a work out.

    Hope you enjoy my lake side walk and return journey back up the hill, lots of babbling on and huffing and puffing but great views to help compensate. :)

    Thanks Argana

  • Dall 05 I really admire you for your contribution to our site,I only have the streets of Blackpool to walk at the moment doing anything is hard work,I have a party to organise on sunday for my daughter in law and family who are off to Australia to join my son

  • I can think of worse places to walk than the golden mile and all those amazing lights. its also pretty level ground which is good for the likes of us who suffer with breathlessness.

    Good luck with the party spanial, I'm sure you'll make it one to remember.

    Thanks for your kind comments, I do my best to keep my posts positive and get others to help themselves through walking , singing or anything else that I find works for me. :)


  • I can think of worse places to walk than the golden mile and all those amazing lights. its also pretty level ground which is good for the likes of us who suffer with breathlessness.

    Good luck with the party spanial, I'm sure you'll make it one to remember.

    Thanks for your kind comments, I do my best to keep my posts positive and get others to help themselves through walking , singing or anything else that I find works for me. :)


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