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gone deaf

hi just wondering if any one can help please i am desperate i will give you a little history of my health first before i get to whats bothering me now apox 2 years ago i fell i went to docs in so much pain went for xrays was told bruising to my back still in agony 6 weeks later he referred me to a physio who promptly sent me for m r i scan results fractured vertebra apox 6 mths later still on strong pain killers i started with fluid trickling out of my ears went docs who said ear infection first time in my life i have had trouble with my ears anyway a year down the line i have been given sprays creams tablets been hospital for more creams six weeks ago it was again driving me mad i had gone deaf in my right ear went back to doc who has referred me back to hospital my appointment is not till end of november my earing as not come back i am struggling to hear with my left now i feel ill headaches my jaw and throat are sore i general ache all over my symptoms have been like this apart from being deaf for about 9 months now just wondering is it likely to be connected to my spine injury could it be more than an ear infection and will my hearing come back after nearly two months please help

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I think you need some immediate medical attention to set your mind at rest. Drastic way to get it is to turn up at A&E but as effective to get help tomorrow is to ring your surgery and say you need a second opinion. Tell them you are seriously worried and dont be fobbed off. Say you want an appointment the same day. Wish you luck and keep us posted.xx


Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. This is a lung disease site so I doubt we will be able to help you. Also no one expect a trained professional can give medical advice.

I think Pergola's advice is goo. Take care.

coughalot x


Sounds like you banged your head as well you need to be more assertive to get it looked at. Ear infection will affect jaw and throat but worth a deeper look.

Be Well


Hello Luke1961, Think you need a same day appointment as suggested, don't think from what you are saying these symptoms should be overlooked or put down to the back injury. You need some help till you go to the hospital even if only a bit of support from your GP. We can't answer the medical questions on the site. Try pain concern site some one on there may have encountered a similar experience as there are a few with problems following back injuries. Sadly the wait for routine none emergency hospital appointments can be a while depending on which department you have to go to, good luck and let us know how you get on. Take care and every best wish


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