Interested in taking part in research?

Interested in taking part in research?

VOICENorth is an organisation run at the Institute for Ageing at Newcastle University to enable patients and members of the public to get involved with all kinds of research. There are lots of opportunities to share your views and life experience to make a positive difference to the lives of older people in the North East and beyond.

To see the latest opportunities to take part and find out more see

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  • Looks like an interesting group, I am sure some may be interested on this site, as research is the way forward for many things. Thanks for the info and link.

  • With patients and the public at the heart of everything we can ensure that research that matters is carried out

  • It would be great if you could reverse the ageing process.

    We also age in the South too ;-) Perhaps you could put together a group for us :-)

  • There's definitely a move towards greater involvement of patients and the public in research which is fantastic as no one knows conditions better than those living with them so keep your eyes peeled, your voice matters and we have our sights on the whole of the northern hemisphere!

  • Fantastic news. I believe patient participation is the best way forward with research, I would love to be involved if you do bring your project to the South.

  • Hear! hear!! :)

  • Look forward to the Voice/I\Midlands opening soon. I do not seem to be ageing but the days are just that bit shorter it seems?

  • I'm not old the wrinkles on my face are laughter lines but I would like to get involved

  • If you're based in the north east we are currently looking for people with experience of respiratory conditions to come along to a workshop with our Medical Technology Innovation students on November 3rd.

  • My daughter lives down the road from you I live about 4 hours away but if I can help in any research on line I would be happy to take part.

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