Mud Runner Race. sometimes not being able to run can be a good thing, Right!!

Mud Runner Race.  sometimes not being able to run can be a good thing, Right!!

Yesterday I went to watch my daughters boyfriend running in the local Mud Runner Race. He had to do roughly 7 miles over parts of the Eastnor Land Rover test drive circuit. I only watched near the end but it looked like it was pretty tough to do but a lot of fun if you were fit enough. The final section involved running down a pretty steep hill and through a very muddy pool where there were lots of families with their kids all shouting at the competitors to belly flop into the mud pool, some even took on the challenge splashing muddy water everywhere. The kids, and me of coarse loved it and cheered everytime someone dived in :) . This was followed by a fairly long run down a stream which was waist deep in places and looked very cold but the runners seemed to be loving it as it washed the mud off and cooled them down at the same time, crazy lot that they were.

If your feeling a bit chilly today then watch my short video, it will make you feel thankful your at home and in the warm.

I've also been out this morning and did the River Severn Walk as it was Monday again, its become a regular thing now weather permitting. I had a treat today, I saw a kingfisher flying upstream keeping very low and moving way to fast through the swans for me to get my camera out so sorry Healthunlockeders you'll just have to settle for a short video of a pair of swans that paddled slowly past me, going at my kind of pace. . I couldn't do the mud runner or get close to the king fisher but I'm happy plodding along at my own pace and thankful I can still do that.

It pays to forget the things you are not able to do and stay focused on what you can do don't it Healthunlockeders. :)

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I believe taking the time to look at nature makes us realise what we miss in the every day hustle and bustle of daily routine.

I love walking now and stopping to look at the countryside and buzzards flying above etc. Thank you again Tony for great videos :)

To true eye's, one thing I've gained from falling ill and having to give up work is I have more time to stop and see whats going on around me. Its not all bad being ill, I'm not in any pain and only suffer with breathlessness so I can adjust my pace accordingly to minimize this.

We get lots of buzzards around the Malverns, I love to see them circling around effortlessly and calling out to each other in their own very distinctive way. :)

they do have a great call :)

I love taking photos but this year realised that I concentrated too much on getting a good shot and missing the real show with my eyes :)

Definitely good to have an excuse for not taking part in the mud race, though it makes for a hilarious spectator sport. The swans are so graceful, the river so serene. I have a river and a stretch of woodland close to my house and getting out there always makes my day.

Keep posting the videos Tony, we all enjoy them.

What really surprised me was the amount of people who took part in the mud race, young and old. There was a junior race which the kids just loved as you can imagine. :) .

I'll settle for watching and laughing I think which is just as much fun eh'

Rivers are great places for attracting wildlife as you know and my Monday morning walk is something I look forward to now, very different to that Monday morning work feeling I used to have 4 years ago now.

Tony! thank you for sharing your video's, love them...:)

Glad you enjoy them Megan, I always have my camera nearby just in case there is something worth sharing with everyone. Before falling ill I wouldn't have had the time or the knowledge to post these videos, now I enjoy searching for something to film and sharing it. :)

I thought the bath came AFTER the race, lol. :D :D :D

This is the hot bath you could use at the end, it was heated by an old wood burning boiler. I thought it was funny the way the man was holding the hose pipe. :) :) :)

Gives a whole new meaning to' sprinkler', lol.

Tony, thank you so much Ilove the vids and the photo is brilliant! another fab day out! :D huff xxxx

Gotta keep getting out there haven't you and why not film some of as you go eh'. Dall just spreading the fun around. :)

I sent this to Toci above as she mentioned the word bath, The man was holding the hose in a funny way as he pumped the warm water into the bath where the mud runners got cleaned off. :)