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aint going no where yet

j ust been told I cant go home yet got to wait for results of tests . never mind . we just had hospital inspectors type persons come round to see how we all are and if we are happy . well I told her about the nurse hoodidnt speak English . I said hoo ever employed her wants sacking she was a danger to herself and her patience . the woman said they where in charge of that . lets see what happens .lol x x x

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ho ho ho - can't see anything happening! Hope you get home soon :)


Have to agree with Louisiana, glad u said something but nothing will happen as long as the numbers add up , until they make a medical mistake which then costs the nhs nothing changes, hope ur test results come back quickly and good so u can get home. X Sonia x


Hope they let you home soon Tobydoo, sending virtual grapes,flowers n chocs! huff xxxx


tobydoo, the improtant bit is that you get a good treatment. Once home, you can forget about the nurse who couldn't speak English. But it's true that it is a danger,; at the very least it's a nuisance. I had one when I was in. I perspired at night, I asked for a towel to dry my soaked body. It never came; I had to spend the night soaking and cold in my own sweat.

Hope you get home very soon and in good nick too!


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