im still here

hi ya . I am in rochford ward have been here all day .bought me over last night . have been on this ward several times now . this is best I have ever been on the staff are so helpful and friendly .and the food is really good considering its a hospital. just had my canulars out . gives you so much more freedom .don't know who loves me bit I have a private room with a on suite . or im ugly and smell one or the other . just been given a big mug of tea and told its time for bed .so its goodnight all . see ya tommorro . x x x x x

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  • Good luck - hope you get home tomorrow - no matter how nice the private room is!!! :)

  • Enjoy,whilst you can! Hope you're better soon xxx

  • Makes it slightly easier being in hospital when it's like that, nice to read something good about a hospital , that's how hospital stays should be , get well soon x Sonia x

  • you must be someones pet tobydoo. How lovely almost like a hotel. Enjoy it. Shame they didn't provide a Butler and personal chef, maid etc.,xx

  • :)

  • Glad to hear you are getting VIP treatment!! Wishing you all the very best and hope you are feeling much better this morning, TAD xx

  • Hope you are feeling lots better now tobydoo and glad your stay in hospital has been good. Take care xxxx

  • and room service too - you get well soon :)

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