the lunartics are running hospitals

good evening all I am back in hospital again [amu]

yesterday I saw the daftest thing I ever saw I was in the emu where they had a nurse working who didn't speak or understand English .the patience she was treating her ask her what she was doing she couldn't answer he feaked out. what do you think . to be hounest if it wasn't so sereios a cock up it wood have made a great comedy sketch.doctors recon ive got to stay a couple of more days yet lol x x

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  • Tobydog hi

    Sounds as if you are in Holby City hospital lol if not send the story to the produces and they will put it in one of there episode s they need a few laughs in their story lines. Hope you get well soon.

  • Really sorry you have had bad experiences, tobydoo. Worth reporting to Patients liason (spelling) service or similar name. I have been in hospital many times and so has husband - no complaints.You have been so unlucky x

  • hi it wasn't me she was with . I was watching it all happen.

  • I remember being stuck in A@E with a bad side effect to a drug (my tongue swollen and was too big for my mouth) otherwise ok and I was people watching. This was interesting to see the staff at work and how they worked. Yes, some of them had English as a second language but they coped which is as it should be. Really bad if they cant speak good English. x

  • Hi tobydoo, sorry ur in hospital, hope they get u sorted soon, and u have people looking after u that u can at least understand. Take care x Sonia x

  • now I am waiting for the punch line because this as got to be a joke ..... how the hell can anyone perform their duties if they cannot communicate with patients and other medical staff or patients and other medical staff can't communicate with them..... its beyond unbelievable, its bloody insane :(

  • Hope you get sorted as soon as possible and escape back home Tobydoo! :D hugs huff xxx

  • It's a comedy of errors isn't it Tobydoo? Or it would be if it wasn't so serious. Heres hoping you are soon out and about again. coughalot x

  • morning Tobydoo, hope your a little better this am. Take care and get well

  • I had a similar experience with a Doctor in A&E, the junior doctor who was with him, came back after he had gone and said "did you understand what he said"! I said NO, so she told me what I needed to know, when the other doctor came back and started speaking to me, I told him I didn't understand what he said and asked him to repeat it again (he was getting annoyed), still I couldn't understand, the junior doctor wasn't around, so I asked the sister to come over, even she didn't understand him. Long story short, I asked to see another doctor who could actually speak English!

    To say the least I wasn't flavour of the month with the Doctor, but it's my life and I need to know what's going on. I also believe, if you are diagnosing ailments in an A&E department you should be able to speak English and the patients should be able to understand you, after all, it can be a life or death situation.

  • Agreed. Management shouldn't have employed that doc, or the nurse tobydoo describes - big mistake.

  • Shocking!

  • Oh goodness that would be a worry!! xx

  • its not ok employing staff who cant speak english its toooooooooooooooooooo dangerous and i wouldnt let her take care of me

  • Looks like your getting the entertainment for free. But seriously not funny. If we had Matrons back on Wards instead of the paper administrators the practical side of nursing would return. Thankfully I m in Jersey and we have 100,000 people on the island so weare looked after not too badly.

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