Happy Birthday COPD!

October 11th 2013, I was diagnosed with COPD. I remember the first time I knew about it I went on the internet, which was the worse thing I could have done because it told me I have between 1-5 years with this condition. Depression set in, sleep was no where to be seen and in hindsight, I knew the negativity was pulling me down.

Work did not help my situation as they did not adhere to OH recommendations to move me as I was seated under an air con unit which blew cold air constantly. I found out after being dismissed from work due to ill heath that they do not have to follow what OH says. Why have OH if recommendations are not listened to?....any hoo!

One year later, I am waiting to hear from PIP ( I received a letter last week to acknowledge the fact that they received my applic form December 2013).

Some days I am feeling on top of the world and forget that I have to take things slower than the norm and other days I don’t want to get out of my bed.

So since October 2013, I have a 'friend' that will be with me for life. This friend I have called Cop'd (pronounced coped) because that is what I have done since diagnosis...coped!

So Cop'd goes everywhere with me. Cop'd have not yet met everyone that I know, however Cop'd has been introduced to those who need to know.

I am hoping that like other friends, if I do my best to look after Cop'd, perhaps good deeds will prevail and together we can keep Auntie B (AntiB) and steer Roy (steroids) away for as long as possible.

Onwards and upwards we go



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  • Thats a fabulous attitude and will get your far x x x

  • Thank you Mandy

  • oh so very well said indeed :) :) :)

  • Thank you eyes

  • couldnt agree more. Stay positive. :)

  • Thank you jilly

  • Lovely outlook and a good way to deal with ur copd friend. Take care x Sonia x

  • Thank you Sonia

  • I do like your philosophy on cop'd EmAitch and you have the right attitude to life. I have just realised that you were diagnosed on Pete's 62nd birthday and he has just celebrated his 63rd so happy birthdays all round. Pete has sarcoidosis and copd and is still here so he is also coping. You take care and wishing you well. xxxxx

  • Happy belated birthday wishes Pete

  • Thank you xx

  • Great attitude, long may you stay well! with love TAD xx

  • Thank you Tad

  • Good one! :)

  • Thank you qb

  • What a great outlook,I do congratulate you! xxx

  • Thank you Wendells

  • Hi Emaitch,

    I know your post is 4 mos. Old, but I had to comment. I really liked it! Your saying copds not going to drag you down. You accept it, bring it along with you and go about your life. Thats good.

    Rubyxx :-)

  • Thank you Ruby

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