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Hi folks, I've been out of sorts for a while and not been on site for a few weeks - Hope you are all doing ok and bracing yourselves for the autumnal weather ! :P - Been having some tests done and found my ferritin levels are now so high they are attacking my main organs (no cure barring bleeding me regularly :( ) They have found nodules in my lungs, and one is in my Trachea :( and to cap it off there are areas of my lung dying off which is forming little pockets of bacteria :( ...... Back to consultants next week :) ......Still smiling, still positive though futures not bright :P ......My aim (as part of my bucket list ) is to watch England V Wales at Millenium Stadium (been to all the other stadiums)this Feb with my son, daughter and her new Welsh Husband .................Hopefully I will be back up and running with my Weekend Wit next week ??? In the mean time take care folks and remember you use less energy smiling than frowning :D :D :D

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  • Hi there Plumbob,glad to see you're back,thought you were away holidaying,lol!

    Very sorry to hear of your troubles though,that's not very nice for you,but keep that positive attitude up,they can't take that away from you!

    Roll on Feb.& we will hear all about the match from you!

    Will look forward to the weekend wit back,

    Take care,big hug to you,xxxx

  • Helloooooo!!! I didn't realise you had been off line for a while, as I have too. Won't bore you with details, but I was well and truly scammed by "windows technical dept" on the computer which I had had installed the night before they phoned me....soooo, I had to have the computer cleaned out, etc., etc. change all my passwords and so on. :x Funnily enough, I have had the dickens of a job getting back on this site, compared to my banks, catalogues, etc. I am sure you don't want to hear about my computer problems after all the stuff you have going on. It is GREAT to hear from someone as positive as you. :) I have days when I feel fed up to the teeth with pain, lack of breath, etc., and the fact I am alone doesn't help...but I see posts like yours and I really feel ashamed of myself ....things are nowhere near as bad for me yet and since I am 77 I am hoping they won't get that bad before I pop off. :p Who will you be cheering for - England or Wales?????? Have a lovely weekend, and thank you so so so so much for all your positivity (I think that's a word ????) :)

  • Hi Plumbob, wow such an upbeat and positive attitude. With your attitude you will make it. Look forward to your weekend wit next week. You have changed my negative mood today to positive. Thank you. :D

  • Thanks for your welcome back ... Lou, I will be supporting England, and I've told my son-in law if my grandson (3 year old) doesn't make the England squad at least he has the opportunity to fall back to the Welsh squad :P

    With regards to attitude, Like everyone else I get frustrated and annoyed with the discomfort / pain and I know I am gonna miss a lot of things, especially Grandchild(ren) as i'm only 56, but an hour spent worrying is an hour wasted !!! especially when you have no control over things !!! so you just have to get on with things you never know whats around the corner :P

    I always remember my Father last words ..... 'What bloody bus ??? ' :O :D .... Keep smiling folks :)

  • Great to see you back plumbob but really sorry to hear of your problems. Love your upbeat attitude and posts and I know I can learn a lot from you.

    Enjoy the match.

    love cx

  • Hi Plumbob! Like you been down in the dumps lately, but then you remind me that there are people out there far worse off than I am.

    Shortage of breath and old age don't go well together, but if we can in some way brighten some ones day with a little humour or a nice warm tale I'm all for it.

    Get well, get funny and get ready for that all important match.


  • Great to see you back Plumbob! sorry you've been having a few heavy pills to swallow lately!! Sending big positive hugs your way, huff xxx

  • Hello Plumbob welcome back, missed you! Sorry to hear you've been so poorly, lovely to hear you being so positive. You take care.xxxxxx

  • Hi plumbob, I wondered where you had gone!!! I ve spent a lot of time just reading posts on here before I actually introduced myself...stalking I guess, but sometimes its hard to know which site to go to...I looked at a lot and decided this was the one for me....Keep smiling like you say and take the best out of every moment that you can...your positivity is fantastic and I hope manage to keep that up as i get worse...you are truly inspirational...keep enjoying every moment that you can and stay warm as you head into winter!!

  • Welcome back plumbob and good to see you still have your sense of humour in place. Good for you and you take care. Thinking of you. xxxx

  • I'm definitely smiling wondering how many points Wales will win by!! :D

    Looking forward to the weekend wit. Always funny & my wife now asks what the 'weekend joke' is every saturday ;)

    Take care.

  • Thank you for all your kind responses (even yours West Wales Paul :P but I think your medication is addling your brain cos you mentioned a Welsh Win :O !!)... Thing about rugby is people can laugh at themselves and enjoy a hard game, physical contact and a drink afterwards (I know I've coached, refereed and played it for years) and have made many friends over the years,including Welsh :O ,but now have Welsh Blood in the Family :D Never been a footie fan !!

    Stay safe folks and remember .... KEEP BREATHING :D :D

  • Good to see you again Plumbob. Bugger the ferritin level - get yourself a leech or two :D (yeccchhhh). xxxx

  • Good to hear your positive attitude again Bob,hope things get better for you soon,be well! D.

  • Nice to have you back.....fingers crossed for some good news next week.


  • Hi Plumbob great to see your back sad to hear of your problems I do hope you get some good news next week take care x

  • England Wales rivalry .... we're a split family living just West of the border .... I can see England across the Wye. Wife & I are both England fans - we both grew up in the Twickenham area, but the kids have both grown up in Wales & are avid Welsh fans. We're all rugby nuts & like you, certain fixtures are on my bucket list.

    You'll love the Millenium Stadium .... it has a roof so it never gets too cold. When you book your ticket, tell them your registered disabled & they'll allocate preferential seating.

    Onwards & upwards .... it takes on a whole new meaning when it's a progressive chronic bastard thats biting yer bum.

  • Cheers Out-to-Lunch .... My son in-law is investigating the seating for me but I think its not his concern about me It's so he can get a good view :P Love the in house rivalry :D

  • last time I was at Millenium I was on the sidelines ..... & it doesn't get better than that.

    That's what I meant by disability preferential seats.

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